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Everything Filipino

June 12, 2012 is the 114th Independence Day of the Republic of the Philippines.

Nothing much has changed. Our beautiful country is still poverty-stricken and corruption-ridden. That said, one cannot discount the spirit of very Filipino. No matter how hopeless the situation is, trust a Filipino to smile and make a joke of things (though we can be pretty sensitive at times if we’re the subject of jokes). It is how we cope. It makes us resilient.

I don’t want to go in detail of what our independence is all about; the media took care of that already. I will have to catch some special episodes later 😀

Here are some photos of everything Filipino. Maligayang Araw ng Kasarinlan!

The flag jump led by the Philippine Army during the 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Cool Google landing page specially for Philippine Independence Day

New paper bills of the Aquino administration

The flipside of the new paper bills

Limited Piso edition….

… Commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of our National Hero, Jose Rizal.

The very coñotic signage inside a jeep traversing the Ayala Loop 😀

The best companion to battle the horrible morning traffic \m/

The best radio tandem ever (Gino Q. not in picture). And during the book signing, they greeted me for the whole Robinson’s Galleria to hear. Nice!

Because Filipino is almost equivalent to videoke sessions.

And we’re starting them young…

… until they get the performance level going! \m/


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Chico & Delamar’s Spoon Guesting

I’ve been listening to The Morning Rush for more than a decade already and Chico Garcia and Delamar are just as addicting as Twister Fries and brewed coffee. Some analogy right there. Tsk.

Chico and Delamar with Janice :: courtesy of rxmorningrush.com

So when they said that they’ll be guesting on Net 25’s Spoon, I looked for it and thank goodness I found it. Thanks to purplerosetmrf for uploading the episode in parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3a

Part 3b

Part 4a

Part 4b

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


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Happy Monday Courtesy of The Morning Rush

I’m not a big fan of  Mondays but listening to my favorite radio program gave me the much needed boost.  The Morning Rush is aired over at Monster Radio RX 93.1 and hosted by the funny Chico Garcia and the cute cornball, Delamar.

1Their Top 10 topic was The Top 10 Ways to Say I Love You… Without Saying ‘I love you’. My thumb dexterity was put to the test earlier as I try to key in as much entries as I could in my mobile phone. I was cringing with the cheesiness of some of the entries… but do i lap it all up!

  • Pwede ka na ba tubusin? Laki na ng interes ko sa’yo eh.
  • Kung natuturuan ang puso mo…. pwede ba kong mag-apply na tutor?
  • Grabeh! Lakas ng ulan! Parang feelings ko sa’yo!
  • Utot ka ba? …. Ang hirap mong pakawalan eh…
  • O yan… nakatingin ako sa’yo… nakatingin ka din sa’kin… Ayan… may pagtingin na tayo sa isa’t isa!
  • Ako bahala sa tuition mo! Pag-aralan mo lang akong mahalin…
  • Zombie ka ba? Aba! Ilang beses na kitang pinatay sa isip ko… pero buhay na buhay ka pa din sa puso ko eh…
  • Alam mo gusto kitang galitin eh… para patulan mo ko…
  • Bibigyan na lang kita ng salbabida… kse malulunod ka sa pagmamahal ko.
  • (Instead of the usual 143) …. 831 — 8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning
  • 5254 — mahal na mahal kita…
  • Ano ba ‘to… di mo pa nga ko binabato… tinamaan na ko…
  • May kandila ka ba? ipagtirik mo nga ng kandila tong puso kong patay na patay sa’yo…

and the last one, which is one of the serious entries…

  • You’re not my whole life… you’re just my favorite part…

You want to hear the whole podcast all over again? You can download the podcast from Blue Ritz’ site, … Chico also posts the ‘unairable’ entries in his blog, but I think he’ll be able to post it later this year because he’s still on November 2008 entries. He is so delayed… he could be pregnant. hehehe…

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