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Snapshots of Ilocanos

It’s been more than a month since I visited the beautiful northern provinces of Ilocos and if not for my lack of vacation leaves, I would have traveled back, at least to Vigan, just bask in the fabulous heat of this place. I love the places, the people and their priceless expressions and smiles.

Cute kid on his way home from school.

I hope it's nothing too serious, girls.

This photo and the next two were captured in one shot and I just had to crop to focus on each of their faces.

As our calesa passed by, they looked up from what they're doing and flashed their charming smiles.

Whether this guy flashed us a smile under his cover up, we'll never know. 😉

Inside the Paoay Church or the St. Augustine Church

Captured on our trek to Kabigan Falls

I wanted to join these kids to ward off the heat from the Kabigan Falls trek.

Along the trail at Kabigan Falls, a local is off to start his day.

A very shy kid spotted on our trek back to the Kabigan Falls entrance.

Looks like she'll grow up to be a beauty.

I would have been spooked big time had a ghost appeared behind me @__@


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Commuting Around Ilocos Norte: Pagudpud (Day 2)

We actually consented that he be included because he won't stop clowning around. You rock, dude! -- fr Lai's camera

We waited an eternity for our breakfast to be served at Apo Idon so we took it as a chance to enjoy the beach that glorious morning and snap more photos of Saud.

We hired the same trike driver, Manong Vicente who bought us to Saud the day before, for our Pagudpud tour. Trike tours are the way to go if you’re too few to rent a van or simply on a budget. Pagudpud trike tours are divided into North and South tours and costs Php600 each. We decided to take both because we have come this far already and we don’t want regrets later.

North Tour:

  • Kabigan Falls
  • Patapat Viaduct
  • Agua Grande
  • Paraiso ni Anton
  • Timangtang Rock
  • Bantay Abot Cave
  • Dos Hermanos Island
  • Maira-ira Beach (Blue Lagoon)

South Tour:

  • Bangui Windmills
  • Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
  • Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
As with the previous post, please check the gallery at the bottom of the page for more photos and tips. 🙂


  • If you’re coming from Saud, it is best to start with the North tour.
  • Best to start at least by 7AM at Kabigan Falls before the sun unleashes its ferocious rays in the afternoon. Note that this is a 30-minute hike from the entrance and you will appreciate starting out early.
  • Manong Vicente’s contact number: +639262735210
  • Be wary of those posting van tours in forums. Some have been scammed into depositing money as reservation. And yes, they vanished into oblivion after.

A little side note. Onboard the trike, Ivy and I were inside, with Lai as the backrider. I am amazed that she managed to doze without falling off the seat. Seriously! And as we chatted much later on, I uncovered the mystery of the perplexed looks we got as our trike passed by. Lai was afraid of getting sunburned that she draped her shawl from the head, totally covering her upper body. I can only imagine how she must have looked like that time. 😀

We finished the tour around 230PM and Manong Vicente dropped us off across the highway (Burgos) where we will wait for a bus bound for Laoag. At this time, our last decent meal was breakfast at Apo Idon. Though we snacked on tupig and soda at the little shack after our hike to the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, we just about consumed what we ate after all the stair-climbing at the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

As famished as we were, we still hoped for a GWM bus to pass by as it goes directly to Vigan. But since we rather not waste time waiting, we hopped aboard the first bus that passed by and it’s bound for Laoag.

Some 1.5 hours later, we arrived at the Laoag terminal. We rode the trike and headed straight to the public market to buy some of our pasalubongs.  I never realized just how cramped we were in the trike until I turned my head towards Ivy and saw that there was just enough space for her face and her ginormous backpack. I was thinking maybe she will suffocate if she faced front and so she turned her head slightly toward me for some air. That image is forever etched in my memory until Alzheimer’s strike me. 😀

We finished shopping in 30 minutes and grabbed some empanada (by the roadside lest we drop dead from hunger and sheer exhaustion); then hired a trike to take us to the Partas bus terminal.

Just minutes after settling ourselves, we attacked our empanada like wolves (or PG, as in patay-gutom. LOL). I finished mine in roughly 5 minutes while Ivy finished hers in probably 10 minutes. Mind you, the empanada is not that huge… made me wonder really. Did I eat that fast or was she that slow? Our friends will say, it’s the latter 😉


Bagnet is cheaper in Laoag (in my experience, that is). A kilo of bagnet in Laoag costs Php400 (I haggled it down to Php390, as I bought 2 kilos; not much but I’m good with it 😉 ) In Vigan, it retails for Php420/kilo.


Trike tour + tip <Php 600×2=(1200+100)/3>


Kabigan Falls Tour guide (Php 150/3)


Enivornmental fee: Timangtang Rock


Entrance Fee: Agua Grande


Bus fare (Burgos to Laoag)


Trike from terminal to Laoag Public Market (Php33/3)


Trike from market to Partas terminal (Php33/3)


Bus fare (Laoag to Vigan)




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Preview: 3-Day Ilocos Adventure

I was supposed to jumpstart the summer with a trip to Sagada with friends but what is planning a vacation without encountering those (annoying) hitches, right? And so, in place of that, I decided to scour the web for info on how to commute around Ilocos, grabbed my available travel galpals and dredged up a 3-day itinerary  that will cover Laoag,  Pagudpud and Vigan.

Those three days of vacation were a mixture of grueling journey by bus, trike and calesa (horse-drawn carriage) and occasional rough roads. But it’s so easy to overlook those difficulties because these were compensated by the amazing places and people we met along the way. Not a single bad experience in Ilocos.     \(^_^)/

This vintage chest, displayed at the Syquia Mansion, is made of camphor wood; the inside smells so good you'd want to curl up and sleep.

Over the next days, I will be posting the treasure of info I found and share with you the details, tips and expenses of our 3-day Ilocos adventure. In the meantime, here’s a preview of our itinerary:

Day 0 Mar 16 8PM Depart for Laoag
Day 1 Mar17 6AM ETA in Laoag
Laoag Tour
4PM Depart for Pagudpud
6PM Head to Saud
Day 2 Mar 18 7AM North/South Pagudpud Tour
2PM Depart for Laoag
4PM Continue travel to Vigan
6PM ETA in Vigan
Night stroll
Day 3 Mar 19 8AM Vigan Tour
1PM Depart for Manila
9PM ETA in Manila


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