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Theatrical Tuesday

My sister and I are frustrated (feeling) Broadway singers so our videoke sessions are not complete without us trying to belt out I Dream a Dream from Les Miserables or Think of Me from the Phantom of the Opera. And our parents will mutter under their breaths, “Ano bang mga kanta yan?! Ang hirap hulihin ng tono.”¬†Then again that is probably our fault. ūüėÄ Even my brother appreciates The Phantom of the Opera and discovered that Nightwish actually did a cover (trust him to unearth the edgier and noisier version).


I watched this Irish movie musical two years ago on DVD and I watched it again late last year and it still evokes the same ¬†emotion because it is what love and life are all about. It’s¬†exhilarating and ¬†frustrating because sometimes no matter how good it may seem, it’s just not meant to be. It will be a treat to see this on Broadway. *wishful thinking*


I love the songs in this play but I’ve yet to watch it. First time I heard For Good, the dam just bloody broke. (T_T) The song is about friendship but this song sums up one of the best times of my life. ūüėÄ There will always be that one person who changes you. Not because it was asked of you; you just do because you want to be the best version of you for this person.


That the music is courtesy of Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA, is enough to make me want to watch this play.

Starlight Express

I was a kid when these songs (the pop version) were played on the radio and I would never have thought that these were songs from a play by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Quite interesting.

Rock of Ages

The musical staged at the Carlos P. Romulo auditorium at the RCBC is already sold out ūüė¶ All shows until July 8. What surprising though is that Vina Morales plays Sherrie. She’s got the face but vocals, I’m not really sure. Bituin Escalante on the other hand has the power vocals for the role. If only….. I’m just going to leave that thought hanging… ūüėČ



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Song Covers I Love #6

I’ve been meaning to post these ever since I saw them on Youtube but I just had to pace myself so I won’t clutter the page too much. ūüėČ

So far, I have posted mostly covers done by foreign artists; this time around, it’s the Pinoys who take the center stage.

Noel Cabangon ‚Äď Leader of the Band

(Original artist: Dan Fogelberg)

Just focus on Noel’s voice and don’t mind manong. ūüėČ ¬†But seriously, I find manong cute because he’s just plain unaware that¬†a music icon is just within his reach. He just goes about his business, like… ok, this guy has a good voice but I still want my nganga (betel). ūüėÄ

Jose Mari and Lisa Chan – Perhaps Love

(Original artist: John Denver)

I guess I’m really an old soul. I love this guy; he looks like the gentlest guy on the planet and he’s got that voice that will make you feel better when you’re sick.

Aiza Seguerra ‚Äď Man in the Mirror

(Original artist: Michael Jackson)

She may be considered baduy by some, but this miniscule girl really got the voice and talent many wish they had.

Lea  and Gerard Salonga РHappiness

(Original artist: Cast of the musical, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown)

This is one of my all-time favorite songs. It¬†brings back those childhood memories… back when life is simple because you’re just a kid.

Regine Velasquez – I’ll Never Love This Way Again

(Original artist: Dionne Warwick)

This song just makes me sentimental (again, emphasis on mental :P)¬†and all gooey inside. So yeah, I’m mushy this way. ūüėČ


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Wicked: For Good

Wicked¬†is one play I would love to watch on Broadway if I’ll ever have the chance. And this is one song that really strikes a nerve and never gets old. Because there will always be people who will come into your life and it just changes you. Your attitude perhaps? And you make that change¬†not because they told you so but because you realize for yourself that it will make a better version of you. I can never thank you enough.


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The Making of Cinderella¬†‚Äď Part 2

I just finished watching the making of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella aired over at ABS CBN and I found it fascinating (irritating and frustrating too!¬†…. read on and you’ll understand why) to have a glimpse of what they do to deliver a wonderful show. It was nice¬†to see the cast without the frills of the costume and makeup.¬† But it would have been nicer to HEAR how they really sound like.

Why? Because they dubbed the interview with the foreign cast in¬†Filipino but pretty much left the interview with Lea in English.¬† I mean, the play is in English, therefore, the cast speak the language.¬† So what’s the logic behind the dubbing? I don’t get it.¬† If these people were French, Korean, Taiwanese… then it’s perfectly understandable to dub it in the vernacular. But for crying out loud! They speak English! People are not so dumb, ABS CBN. We do understand English. Thank you.

If the idea is to let everyone (and I mean everyone awake who was tuned in) understand the whole tv special, they should have asked Lea to speak Tagalog, right? 

Just my opinion, though. It made the behind-the-scenes interview comical. Wasted energy on dubbing. Really.


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Rodgers & Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA

Despite the heavy rains last Thursday, we braved the terrible traffic and headed to the Main Theatre of the Cultural Center of the¬†Philippines to watch Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.¬† Playing the role¬†of Cinderella is no other than Tony awardee, Lea Salonga. Peter Saide, on the other hand,¬†plays the role of Prince Charming.¬†

It was written in an article in the Philippine Star that it is a $2M production and this is very much visible in the lavish sets and elaborate costumes. Mind you, it was jaw-dropping.

Photo courtesy of Getzmo

By the way, do you know the full name of the Prince? It’s Christopher Rupert Vwindemier Vlandamier Carl Alexander Francois Reginald Lancelot Herman. Whew! It took me ages to search for his full name. I should’ve just look for the song, The Prince is Giving a Ball, and his name is there in its complete glory.

Photo courtesy of Philippine Entertainment Portal

Photo courtesy of Philippine Entertainment Portal

Going back, Lea never fails to captivate her audience with her voice. I am still amazed at how such powerful voice can come from such a petite woman. Singers who don’t do anything but scream from the top of their lungs should really learn from her. Brilliant, effortless singing. Yes, I’m a fan and I can’t help it. *wink*

But I have to give it to the Wicked Stepsisters for keeping the crowd entertained. Yes, Lea and the Prince were the stars but the wicked stepsisters were the comic relief. They were simply hilarious with Portia’s pumpkin-shaped gown and Joy’s creaking knees.

Believe me, you will leave the theatre wondering how Lea’s transformation from her country bumpkin outfit to her glorious gown happened (we wanted to have a rewind but we all know that’s impossible). That’s how she looks like and then she transforms to this girl in magnificent gown (“sparkly” was how the girl seated behind us described her) complete with coiffure.

¬†All in all, it was a great show. I then remembered the promise of the creative team and cast of Cinderella, “Prepare to be mesmerized.” Well, it very much lived to its promise.

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