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Theatrical Tuesday

My sister and I are frustrated (feeling) Broadway singers so our videoke sessions are not complete without us trying to belt out I Dream a Dream from Les Miserables or Think of Me from the Phantom of the Opera. And our parents will mutter under their breaths, “Ano bang mga kanta yan?! Ang hirap hulihin ng tono.” Then again that is probably our fault. 😀 Even my brother appreciates The Phantom of the Opera and discovered that Nightwish actually did a cover (trust him to unearth the edgier and noisier version).


I watched this Irish movie musical two years ago on DVD and I watched it again late last year and it still evokes the same  emotion because it is what love and life are all about. It’s exhilarating and  frustrating because sometimes no matter how good it may seem, it’s just not meant to be. It will be a treat to see this on Broadway. *wishful thinking*


I love the songs in this play but I’ve yet to watch it. First time I heard For Good, the dam just bloody broke. (T_T) The song is about friendship but this song sums up one of the best times of my life. 😀 There will always be that one person who changes you. Not because it was asked of you; you just do because you want to be the best version of you for this person.


That the music is courtesy of Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA, is enough to make me want to watch this play.

Starlight Express

I was a kid when these songs (the pop version) were played on the radio and I would never have thought that these were songs from a play by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Quite interesting.

Rock of Ages

The musical staged at the Carlos P. Romulo auditorium at the RCBC is already sold out 😦 All shows until July 8. What surprising though is that Vina Morales plays Sherrie. She’s got the face but vocals, I’m not really sure. Bituin Escalante on the other hand has the power vocals for the role. If only….. I’m just going to leave that thought hanging… 😉


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(Close) Encounters With A Yeti

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Over at lunch a few months back with my new teammates, the band Encounters With A Yeti (EWAY) came up amid the slew of conversations from across the table and endlessly waiting for our orders to be served.

PILOT is the first CD I bought in ages since I mostly just download. As I listen to it, it actually set the mood for writing this post.

It was only when I came across this article recently that I remember to check them out. And I wasn’t prepared for their kind of music. They sound amazing that colonial mentality almost immediately kicked in. Had I not known that they are Filipinos, I would have mistaken them for Swedish because they have that Nordic vibe going on. I don’t even know how to explain it. Basta.

They classify their music as acousmatic. Instrumental post-rock as some would say. I thought they were progressive rock. Whatever their genre is, I don’t think they are the type who want to be stereotyped and tied down to a particular genre.

As their music is a work of art on its own, each track is further represented by a different art piece.

Don’t take my word for it; listen to the tracks they posted on their Facebook or Myspace pages. I thought their music has that kind of sad note to it that it should be avoided when you’re in that hopeless place. 😉   It makes you want to stare into space and just get lost in your own little world. But the thing is, their music takes you to staggering highs and shattering lows. It’s just amazing.

I am happy for their underground fame as they get to do what they love minus the unnecessary pressures that come along with going mainstream. With bands like them, I get hopeful that our music industry has not deteriorated to a sorry pulp, courtesy of this particular novelty songwriter who just annoys the beejeezes out of me with his altered nursery rhyme that is called his ‘composition’. A serious insult to real songwriters who make really good songs and music pieces. (Inhale…. exhale! There…. much better 😀 )

I have yet to watch them live though. They have their regular gigs at Saguijo in Makati every third Saturday of the month and other gigs at Route 196 over at Katipunan. You can check out their sites for updates. Their album entitled Pilot is available at Fully Booked but I suggest you call first because there is an off chance of it being sold out already (like Greenbelt branch, unless they’ve re-stocked). These guys have a cult following, you see. 😀

By the way,  did I say that their bassist personally handed me over my copy? Well, he’s a fellow cube dweller, too. How cool is that? \m/(>_<)\m/

Encounters With A Yeti are:

Ponchie Buenavista, guitarist;  Ross Pleyto, bassist; Caloy Tiangco, drummer; Ariel Mesina, drummer; Niño Valmonte, guitarist; Ramon Rivera, guitarist; Des Lawas, keyboardist and Cocoy Silva, drummer.

Thanks to Ross for having my copy signed by everyone 😀


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Cheesy Songs that are Secretly Our Guilty Pleasures (OPM Edition)

The cassette tape used to hold our fave music, now it’s simply holds our phones. Cute transition though 😀

Filipino music almost translates to cheesy and boy do we dig it! But the cream of shashal cheesiness is in the 80s and 90s. It is in these years when the best OPM love songs, both Tagalog and English, were composed and had every one singing to it and every one trying to record it on cassette tapes (and get seriously annoyed when the DJ talks before the last  few notes ended). Some of the songs sound almost foreign because the melody and lyrics, perhaps?

I seriously don’t know what ever happened to our OPM. It’s as though they spent too much time and wasted their energy reviving and worse, tagalizing  (pati ba naman Teach Me How to Dougie? Now, there is seriously something wrong here). Remember waiting  for Close Up ads because they have the most kilig ad soundtrack? Oh those days!

So whether you’re feeling giddy or crappy and sappy, go check these tips for that more laslas-pulso, makapagbigti-nga feeling 😀

At this point, I just had to rein myself and stop. This is so addicting! Hope you enjoy the list. 😀


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Cheesy Songs that are Secretly Our Guilty Pleasures

The 70s & 80s are home to disco and new wave music respectively. It’s also in those eras when the cheesiest of love songs and power ballads proliferated the airwaves. Thanks to radio stations like 96.3 Lite Rock, we still hear the songs that we associate to a happy or wretched moment in our life.

These songs are downright sappy that listening to them when you’re at your lowest, otherwise known as heartbroken, should be avoided like the plague.

Then again, if you wish to put salt on your wounded heart by listening to these songs, go ahead and keep a bottle of tequila and lemon slices while you’re at it. But I strongly suggest keeping knives and sharp objects away from your reach as a precaution. Then try these for a more melodramatic effect:

  1. Lean against a wall, then slowly slide down the floor.
  2. You can opt to sit and sob while clutching your chest; or
  3. For a full drama, go ahead and curl up in a fetal position while crying your eyes out.
  4. But if you want to be comfortable while doing your Best Actress in a Laslas-Pulso Role, go to your room, grab that tequila, place it on your nightstand and bawl out and cry.
  5. This is best done when it’s raining. Lean your head on the bedroom or car window then let the big fat tears roll down your cheeks; or
  6. If it’s impossible to keep it in and you’re far from any shelter to hide your tears, then go out into the rain and let the tears roll down freely.

With the tips above, here are some cheesy classics that we are guilty of listening to during those days or singing in the shower or belting out in our videoke sessions.

I have to stop this insanity. I’m actually enjoying myself with the songs. ** DVD Karaoke: ON ** (.^_^.)


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Music Heard from TV Series

Ever felt that feeling that you have way too much time on your hands that you can watch series upon series? Then you realize, you didn’t have that much time; you were just awake until the wee hours of the morning.

Damn! I suffered headaches in the office and dark circles around my eyes, looking like a raccoon who subsists on several liters of caffeine just to stay awake. But these songs from Chuck and Californication made all the eyebags worth it.

Faithfully by Clem Snide

I didn’t quite get the song until a few minutes after because it was sung so differently. It was played on the fourth episode of Season 5 as Hank and ex-wife, Karen were talking about the dinner fiasco. He knows he loves her (even his date, who dissed him big time during dinner, knows it) but he has problems staying faithful to her. Men! Honestly! 

Little Round Mirrors by Harvey Danger

This song was played as Becca was looking out the window, she saw her guitar teacher, who she happens to be crushing on, pick up Mia for a date.  That scene was a real heart breaker.

Nothing Man by Pearl Jam

Probably one of the best scenes from Californication. The letter that Hank wrote for Karen was so simple yet it strikes a raw nerve. He is such a chronic womanizer but there is this one woman who turns him into a putty in her hands.  I think this was that one scene that had me glued to this series until now.

In My Sleep by Austin Hartley-Leonard and Kendall Jane Meade

A few seconds into the song and I had to Google the lyrics and find out what the song was. I just love how Chuck gets so flustered and incoherent around Sarah like a teenage boy.

Astair by Matt Costa

You can feel Morgan’s heart breaking as he saw his best friend Chuck making out with his ultimate crush Hannah.  This is so laslas-pulso (wrist-slashing) moment for Morgan. 😦

Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Bublé

I’m not sure if this was ever played on Chuck but I love the song and these two… so I might as well include it

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