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I Smirk at Fairy Tales

Taken some five years ago. I got the coach and the dress but the prince remained out of sight. What better way to spend the night than eat, drink, pose and be merry! 😀

If Cinderella’s shoes were so magical that only she will fit into it, why did she lose it in the first place? If it were really magical, maybe it should’ve stuck to her dainty feet like glue. Oh and by the way, they were glass slippers, right? She’s so lucky she didn’t break it while running away from the confused prince. She would have bled profusely if she broke those darn slippers and shards of glass stuck to the soles of her feet.

Then we meet Rapunzel who just threw her hair out the window and she snared for herself a man? How unfair is that?! People in the real world throw pickup lines, clues (for the dense men out there), and on really hard, desperate times, throw their fabulous selves into the paths of their targets for them to realize their pure awesomeness. Remember, girls had to do it ever so discreetly (how you throw yourself and be discreet at the same time… well… 😉 ) because some men, in this age of gender equality, still tend to think that girls who say what they feel are easy and should not be taken seriously. Doesn’t a man ever realize that a girl who likes him, doesn’t make things hard, errrr, difficult for him? Well maybe because in the whole scheme of things, men are hunters by nature and they should be the one doing the pursuing. Ruffling this scenario may produce delightful results or misery of monstrous proportions. And so, may the force be ever in your favor. 🙂

Then there’s Sleeping Beauty. While others are wide awake, prettifying themselves for their Prince, Sleeping Beauty effortlessly snatches one while in slumber. Tulog na nga, nagka-lovelife pa! Samantalang ung mga gising, nganga?! But as they say, life is no fairy tale, therefore: Must. Do. The. Opposite. You won’t find someone if you’re cooped up in your house doing nothing and just waiting. The Angel of Destiny may be working in the sidelines but would you know for sure if he’s really working or sleeping on his job? Well, this one assigned to me is fast asleep, I should actually fire him. With the choices he’s laid out for me previously, I am almost inclined to take matters into my hands but I’m still giving him a chance to redeem himself on his next prospect for me.

Should you be really the type to just wait for Dear Destiny to work his magic, maybe you should do it by the window. Who knows, someone may just look up and see that face as the most gorgeous thing they’ve seen in their lifetime. But please, don’t go for that tambay by the kanto who spends an entire day doing nothing. You will rue the day you fell for one because that line from a song  that goes, “when we’re hungry, love will keep us alive” will make you realize that even with too much love, you’re still hungry and it cannot keep you alive.

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And just to prove that fairy tales are not sweet and dreamy as they were originally intended; they’re downright gruesomely tragic and scary. Go read these stuff and you’ll be thankful that real tales of love are no fairy tales. True tales of love have laughter, tears, jealousy, fights and whatnots strewn in and yet you still think that this person beside you is worth going through all of those.

Thank you @SoWhatsNews for that inspiring retweet from @The_Beben: si rapunzel, inihagis lang ang buhok sa tore, nagkalove life na. eh ikaw? nagparebond, relax, highlights na, nga nga pa rin?!


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