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Stained and Disappointed


I went with a yeti on election day! \m/_(◠‿◠)_\m/

Ever since I’ve had the right to vote, I never failed to exercise that right. Because I believe it’s a step towards change.

Every election, I am hopeful. And every single damned time, I am disappointed.

I don’t get how the government can make someone eligible for a position when that person clearly has no sufficient experience. I mean, in the companies I’ve worked for, I was grilled during the interview and the years of experience in the capacity that I’m applying for has bearing if I will be hired or not.

As I’ve tweeted, if companies have stringent requirements for their applicants, why is the government so lenient with those running for office?

Companies often require us to submit Certificate of Good Moral Character and NBI Clearance. So now, how can an ex-president and  convicted plunderer even run for president in 2010 and for mayor in 2013?! It’s like giving him the license to rob all of us again.  Thank goodness this congressman/rapist was barred from running for office!

Am I dumb that I cannot grasp why this is allowed in this country? If companies have stricter hiring / screening process, why is the government so lenient?

In another perspective, while the government can allow even those unfit to run for office, it is ultimately the voters who have the upperhand. Kung walang boboto sa kanila, hindi naman sila mananalo. Sadly, that is not the case. People continue to vote those whose surnames they are familiar with regardless of their track record. Pag sikat, iboto na yan! Anak yan nung mabait na action star, iboto natin yan.

As dismayed and disappointed I am of how this election turned out, I will still vote on 2016. I cannot lose hope. I just cannot. This country is too beautiful to give up on.

Congratulations to those who won and to those deemed undeserving of that win, please prove us wrong. I don’t care about your skin color; I care about what you can do. So go prove us wrong. This is one instance when I would love to be proven wrong.



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That Despicable Coffee Shop Culture

The coffee shop is the new place to hangout; whether with friends or family. Or the perfect place to meet  an acquaintance since it’s a fairly neutral ground.  Or the place to cure that hangover after an alcohol-infused dinner of seafood sisig (oh days of yore!). 😉

Several years ago, you can escape to a coffee shop for some needed me time; to read a book, compose a blog post, do some people-watching or just simply chat with friends.

The Highlands Coffee Shop hasn’t been discovered yet by the caffeine addicts so enjoy this place while you still can.

Now, that is just wishful thinking when you’re out looking for a table for even two people during those peak hours (and by that I mean Friday, weekend and payday nights). Wending your way through the café requires a steady heart rate and a cool head because these supposedly decent people frequenting the place have lost a fair amount of sensitivity and consideration for others on their way to the coffee shop.

It has now transformed into the new library where lone students, especially those taking up post-graduate degrees, occupy a table that’s meant to sit four people. I can understand occupying two seats, but four?! Really?!! Because the laptop, books, notebooks, pens, pencils,  highlighters, sticky notes, and of course the trusty iPod are all on blatant display for everyone to see and realize that, “You have to understand me. I’m busy studying Law and I need this whole stretch of gorgeous wooden table to my just as gorgeous, studious self.”

On those not-so-busy hours, maybe you can have that luxury but when people starts pouring in, at least have the civility to gather your stuff on one side and let the others have that nifty little space. You are all customers and you all have a right to the table. So quit hoarding  that space to yourself like you owned the place.

If you want to enjoy your coffee, this is NOT the place to go, especially on those Friday nights.

What makes the coffee shop scene odder these days is the presence of kids. I love kids but unruly kids left unfettered by their parents or guardians because they are busy chatting with their friends or reading the paper really peeves me. I’m not saying that you do not bring your kids; we bring my niblings along because they love the chocolate drinks. But is it really too much to ask to rein in your kids when they start getting restless and their antics aren’t cute anymore? Our kids know that if they start that attitude, we will leave whether they like it or not.

And when you do discipline your kids, please do not yell at them. It doesn’t make you look any good that you’re disciplining your kid; it makes you look obtuse on parenthood.

I love this cozy cafe in Saigon that we stumbled upon during our vacation in 2009.

While coffee shops  may entice customers with wi-fi access for your purchase, it does not translate to you actually living there for the day, mooching off their internet connection for as long as your shamelessness will allow. But should you ever have to do this out of sheer necessity, at least drop a nice tip in their tip jar as a token for allowing a leech like you stay at the comfiest couch in the coffee shop.

Funny that with all those observations, I still trod down to a coffee shop whenever I need to feel recharged or just enjoy some quiet time by myself. The thing is, hunt down those coffee shop branches that are not easily accessible or go there on off-peak hours so you can live on that couch and not feel guilty that you’re hogging it to yourself. 🙂


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Mindless Late Night Wanderings: The Red Dress

As I crossed the street, Manong jeepney driver called out, “Ma’am happy birthday!” Pag naka-red birthday agad? Di ba pwedeng favorite color lang? 😛

  • Red is the perfect pick-me-up color. So whenever you feel off, down, depressed… grab a red dress or a red shirt or red pants, if you can fabulously get away with it.
  • Or paint your nails red.
  • Or grab the Russian Red Mac lipstick (again, thank you sis!) and apply some to your lips to instantly give that oomph to your face.
  • Guys, please stick with the red shirt. 😉 There are guys who look really good in one.
  • Don a red underwear, perhaps? hmmmmm….  Now guys, this is something you sure can try! 
  • Red makes you look radiant; maybe because it kind of reflects on your face?
  • They say, you should wear red for those interviews, presentations, on dates even, because of its sheer power to boost your confidence.
  • I remember wearing red that fateful night in July 2010. I must say, “wooohhooo!” 😀 It’s 2012 and it’s but a distant memory…. (that I so love to revisit every now and then).

Two more days ’til Friday! Sweet! 


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Twister of a Conversation

On August 2, 2012 the next best news I’ve heard during my father’s 13-day confinement: McDonald’s Twister Fries are back!

Agent sFry’s successful infiltration of the elite twister hideout.

The timing of its grand comeback cannot be more impeccable; as though it was was waiting in the wings of typhoon Gener. Waited for it to abate and with the flamboyance of a gay diva, went center stage, parted the curtains with drama; head thrown back and arms wide open, enticing the audience to look and drool at the presence of The Queen of the Fries.

It must have been a lucky day to be in the presence of such greatness and be granted this interview.

Me: Finally, you’re back! We miss you!
Queen: Oh, dahlin’! That’s sweet!

Me: Para kang buni, nawawala… bumabalik.
Queen: OMGeeeah! You’re so kadiri to make me halintulad to that disease. Ganun lang talaga ako. I don’t make myself available to everyone all the time. See how it works? Hinahanap-hanap niyo ako 😉

Me: Gagah! Pa-importante ka din talaga eh noh!
Queen: Well, I’m not The Queen for no reason, right?

Me: So feeling Queen Elizabeth lang ang peg mo? Hello! Wala ka sa England noh!
Queen: Why not?! I’m the queen of my potato turf. Nakakalimutan niyo yung friendly bubuyog diyan sa tabi-tabi (raising eyebrow) pag andito beauty ko. And even those potatoes lurking in the corners that entice you with different flavors, superdedmadela niyo because of my queenly presence.

Me: Dami mong alam! But honestly, what is up with their vanilla flavor huh?
Queen: I know, right! It’s painful to see that flavor drown into oblivion.

Me: So, until when are you going to indulge us with your presence?
Queen: Well, as my kingdom said, Prioritize your Twister Fries. I might be gone in less than two weeks. Until Aug. 25 to be exact. This interview is really tiring na ha! Are we done yet?

Me: You are such a diva! Last question. How do you feel when a mere french fry gets mixed with your kind?
Queen: What a social climber. Really! Parang gustong mapasama sa mga alta de sociedad. But since I’ve a good heart, I let them make sabit so that some of my shashallness will rub off on them. And with that, adieu!

Me: Uma-attitude ka talaga ah! Anyway, thank you, Your Royal Fryness.

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A Fun and Better Way of Donating Pre-Loved Stuff

Thank God this wreakin’ havoc habagat finally got tired at last. After taking a rest from cleaning the house due to the leaks from the kitchen ceiling, I attacked my closet for some clothes that I can give to those who need it more.

As I was sorting out my tops and bottoms; my niblings  toys, clothes and shoes, an idea came up. A very kikay idea. Mix and Match! 😉

Make donating clothes fun. Mix and match them. This will save the volunteers a lot of time sorting through stuff. 😀

When I started mixing and matching… I can’t stop!

A summery ensemble on a rainy day 😀

I paired this cute top with a dark gray miniskirt… 😀

Colorful tops and shorts that I was thinking of keeping for myself but thought better of it. I hope the girl who gets it will love it 😀

When you’re done, put each ensemble in individual packaging and label each; I labeled them: Complete set of clothes

Collected infant stuff that my niblings have outgrew.

These two kept on going to my room to drop off their toys and clothes that their mom hand over to them.

Here’s to hoping these toys will bring a smile to a kid who gets it 😀

While these two cuties are far away, it’s like they gave their toys and clothes too since they left some stuff here during their vacation. (Photo courtesy of Mira)

I felt nostalgic when I saw this shirt from high school 🙂 One more tip, if you can indicate the shirt size, I’m sure this will be loads of help to the volunteers. 😉

Not even the intense monsoon rains can dampen the Pinoy spirit. We smile. We send love to other people in whatever way we can.

After hours of mixing and matching and labeling, we’re good to go! \m/_(^_^)_\m/

So my nephew took a picture of my shirt. We should really save Earth! 😀

From the Twitter account @MarikinaPIO: Marikina Hotline 682-9573;for any DONATIONS whether in kind or in cash may be delivered to Marikina Sports Center.

You can also drop off your donations at the Marikina Rotary Youth Club in front of the Marikina Sports Center.


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