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For the Love of Coffee

The horrible traffic jams in the metro has unsweetened the commute for us lowly taxpayers and it takes more than sunshine-y disposition to win in this losing battle every single day. Well, traffic jam is one equalizer and seeing an annoyed guy driving a luxury car stuck beside the van I’m in made me a little thankful that I can doze off whenever I want while he sits there hopelessly fuming behind the wheel.

But I didn’t doze off. My mind wandered off to punchlines, comebacks, coffee and how relative it is to love and attraction. 😉



I’ve always thought that waiting for my colossal cup of brew is worth the wait. I rather wait for a fresh brew than settle for what’s left on the coffee pot. Never settle. I cannot stress that enough.


I like how being with you perks me up like a good cup of coffee in the morning.


Oh, you like it black?  How fitting for your  personality.

Bitter and dark.


I like my coffee hot and strong. Like you.


This iced coffee reminds me so much of you. Cold.


Cold nights. Hot coffee. Warm hugs.

Just perfect.


Stale coffee is thrown away because it leaves a bad taste in the mouth;

As you should to those toxic and negative people around you.


Enjoy the last few hours before the daily grind begins. Cheers to a new week! 🙂

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Elevator Girls Face-Off: Philippines vs. Japan

Cheridel “Cherry” Alejandrino. The Filipina elevator girl who’s viral video has been shared in various social media has also been picked up by local news and Al Jazeera. How cool is that!

So just to see if there are other videos of Cherry on Youtube, I hit search and I found this video of an elevator girl from Japan. The person who uploaded the video, captioned it as “…the saddest job ever”. A huge disparity between Cherry and the Japanese girl, as far as the videos will let me see.

If there’s one thing to be proud of as Filipinos, no matter how hard life is, we still manage to smile, laugh and make the most of any dire situation. That your job doesn’t matter; it’s the attitude with your job that matters. She was given a certificate of recognition already; I’m sure monetary reward is well-deserved too, right, Mr. Henry Sy?

Here’s the face-off:

The Philippines



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It’s Definite, No Second Date

So I encountered McShuttle guy late last week again. Jeez! Just when I thought things can’t get any worse from our last meeting. It did.

Traffic was more horrible than usual and he was kind enough to offer if I want to watch something on his tablet. I thought, why not?

On his video list was Lourd De Veyra’s Wasak. I thought, why not? The guy’s sarcastic sense of humor kind of appeals to me in a way. He then chose an episode with a girl who’s unfamiliar to me. I can’t quite recall who she is then he said it was this sexy starlet. So I indulged him and his dawdy video for three minutes and after that I looked ahead and thought traffic jam was far more interesting than this piece of trash he’s watching.

He probably noticed I wasn’t watching anymore and asked “Di mo gusto? Boring ba?” To which I replied a simple, “Oo” matched with a sweet smile that belie the annoyance that I was actually feeling. Then I can’t help adding, “Wala namang substance yang pinapanood mo. hehehe” He gave out a weak laugh and said, “Grabe ka naman.” And so he rummaged through his list again and let me watch an episode this time of Wasak with Kamikaze. Seriously. Nothing against them but I don’t listen to their kind of music.

Nevertheless, I watched for about six minutes this time and had to give back his other earphone. Then he asked, “Ayaw mo na?” To which I replied, “Oo, nakakahilo din manood eh.”  I then proceeded to listen to my iPod when he asked, “Ano pinapakinggan mo?” I said, “Ay, you won’t like it eh.”

Then I feigned my head was aching terribly and ignored him. The civil-me won over beeotch-me. Goojab! 😛


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Of Tea Shops and Politics

Because politicians should have a fallback should they ever decide to leave the government. More pun teas to come! (✿◠‿◠)



photo 1 (2)

Image (5)






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I Shall Name Tea…

I love coffee but I can’t help poking fun at the business names of some tea places. There are ok ones; Serenitea, Affinitea… and then there’s Bubba Tea. Well, I thought it’s funny. Then again, maybe I’m just being green. 😀

And now, that inspired me. So maybe one day, when I have the resources, I already have a name for my tea place. 😉










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