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Vietnam Diaries: Lin Anh Tu Pagoda

This post is part of Vietnam Diaries: Exploring Dalat (Day 3).

We successfully ascended the steps back to the entrance of the Elephant Waterfall in one piece. Save for taking a wrong route on our way up, slipping a bit and getting our footwear dirty, we were ok.

After tidying ourselves up, we headed to the Chua Lin Anh Pagoda, which is just on the right side of the entrance to the waterfalls.

Tourist-free! Well because it’s almost noon and the sun is getting furious. Thank goodness for the cool wind the heat was bearable.

Guarding the steps leading to the main entrance.

A peaceful retreat and shelter from the sweltering heat.

A beautiful towering tree outside the pagoda.



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Vietnam Diaries: Elephant Waterfalls

This post is part of Vietnam Diaries: Exploring Dalat (Day 3).

This is the highlight of our countryside tour. The waterfalls is just gorgeous but I find the descent on those slippery rocks dangerous. Some call this a tourist death trap, and for good reason. There were steps but you can even barely call them “steps” because they don’t provide the much needed footholds for that extremely slippery descent. The handrails were but a rusty memory that it once existed to support those who trek down to see the waterfalls.

These are the steps that will lead you down the gorgeous view of the waterfalls. Should you ever dare, take utmost caution as you descend these slippery rocks.

I’m almost sure people who go to Elephant Waterfalls are willing to pay a higher fee than the measly VND5,000 (PHP10) they charge, for the construction of better and safer infrastructure.


  • Trekking shoes/sandals are highly recommended. I saw some tourists take their shoes off and went barefoot but I don’t know if it’s a good move. There are jagged rocks and I will feel safer with my shoes on.
  • Protect your DSLR or digicam from the spray of the falls; place it in a waterproof case if you have one. But I have a fear that I might slip with one little misstep and so I took very few shots in this place.
  • Bring wet wipes to clean yourself after the hike.

I risked taking three shots of this scene then safely tucked my camera under my shirt as I was afraid of losing my balance on those slippery rocks.

Locals go further down for their catch.

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Vietnam Diaries: Rice Wine Factory

This post is part of Vietnam Diaries: Exploring Dalat (Day 3).

Tourists can just walk in on this factory and do some free tasting. I wasn’t prepared for this seemingly nonthreatening alcohol; it tastes like gin and you can feel the heat as it goes down your throat and into your stomach.

Tourist can walk about freely in this factory and see how rice wine is made.

The pots with a purpose. Stacked near them are rice wine in containers where you’re free to dip your shot glass and take a sip.

Seen from the car window: a student on her way home from school.

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Vietnam Diaries: Coffee Plantation, Dalat

This post is part of Vietnam Diaries: Exploring Dalat (Day 3).

A caffeine addict like me should not pass on the chance to visit this piece of heaven.

Glasshouses are part of the scenic view of the Dalat countryside.

This is the irrigation that sustains the surrounding coffee plantation.

Arabica and Robusta coffee abound this plantation.

Arabica coffee berries lying in wait for harvest time.

The traditional Vietnamese drip coffee (ca phe sua nong or hot coffee with milk). If you find it too strong, you can ask for hot water to dilute it a bit.

I can actually live in this place! 😀

I didn’t get these from the coffee plantation but I made sure I got my coffee treasure before leaving Vietnam 😀


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Vietnam Diaries: Flower Farm, Dalat

This place reminded me so much of Baguio and as I learned during the tour, a flower festival is also held in Dalat, and very similar to Panagbenga around December to early January.

I can proudly say that except for the resizing and cropping I’ve done on the last photo, these are raw, unedited photos. 😀

One of the many varieties of flowers growing in abundance in Dalat.

Our tour guide referred to this as the Zipper flower… unless I misheard her.. 🙂

Another variety of the zipper flower.

Dalat is known as The City of Flowers and they have 400 varieties to show for it.

I don’t have the faintest idea what this is…

This post is part of Vietnam Diaries: Exploring Dalat (Day 3).

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