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The Day When Pimples Won Over Chicken Pox

Of all the years to have the dreaded chicken pox, I had it on the year that I will enter college. That is considered ‘old’ already and I was so scared to be scarred for life. The day that dreaded disease went full blown, I really cried.  I was lucky not to have much on my face; well because the pimples have already beaten them to that prime spot. Ugh! My adolescence is just about the crappiest years of my life. The only good thing going on for me then was my weight.

I felt manic already because I would constantly check on my arms and legs, but I’m ever more concerned with my legs. Because adolescence means shorts and skirts (way past this stage but I still love ❤ them).  In my juvenile head, it felt that doomsday came way too early.

When I finally got ‘better’, I felt worst. The scars were so hideous I knew then that I had to bid my shorts and skirts adieu. I did for more than a year that my legs were several shades lighter than my face and arms. It looked like I’ve lain on the beach one sunny day in glorious jeans.

If there is one thing I’ve learned, this cheap, old school ointment that my parents and nosey neighbors recommended to banish all worries and scars, it doesn’t work! I used up two jars of this stinky stuff and nothing happened. It smells like they rounded up sweaty, hunky people off the streets, took out their essence and made it into an ointment of sorts and called it (quite appropriately) cebo de macho. Mygawd! It really doesn’t work. For me at least.

We live in this judgmental world, that only those with flawless legs can actually wear shorts and miniskirts lest you get looks from girls that say, “Ganon?! Hindi uso ang kape? Walang nerbiyos mag mini skirt?. Kalurks!” And then there are guys  with the look that says, “Dim the lights… here we go.” Translated as “Patayin lang ilaw, pwede na yan!” or “Sa dilim, talo-talo na yan! Pamatid-gutom din yan.” 😀

So if you’re having the ‘scarry’ predicament, try spot treatment using a trusted whitening lotion, let it dry then put another round of spot treatment using Bioderm ointment. It’s so cheap and it works. Do it twice a day. Be patient. You’ll soon be wearing those skirts and shorts to your heart’s content. But please practice discernment. And by that I mean, wear the proper length to the proper place. Don’t wear those shorts that will make you look like you got lost in the mall on your way to the beach. It’s not sexy. It’s trashy. And those are words of kikay wisdom on a dreary Friday. {^_^}



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Waxing Tales

It was that time of the month (no, not what you’re thinking) when I had to go to the salon for leg waxing. I tried it DIY and it left unsuitable results that made me want to pack all my shorts and stash them in the bin. Thank goodness for the God-given patience (when it comes to kikay stuff only) in applying those creams that take off those unsightly scars. They’re not perfect but me love them just the same 😉

Anyway, let’s go to the juicy part. I snagged a rather verrrry interesting information as I was chatting with the waxing attendant. She asked me if I have ever tried Brazilian. I said no but maybe I’ll try, like some sort of self-flagellation for my sins this Holy Week. LOL. She let me in on this little detail that there are already GUYS who did it at their salon. Let’s call it Boyzilian wax (got the term from the net). I’m aware of this fad among the metrosexuals but I thought the Pinoy men will not fall prey into this kind of thing.

It was way over my head because as I tried picturing it, my brain just goes haywire. Probably due to several thoughts, obscene and practical ones, cramping my brain all at the same time.

  1. Wouldn’t it look funny if they don’t have hair at all down there?
  2. Naturally, a girl attendant will do the boyzilian waxing. Wouldn’t it stand so high you can build a tent and camp right under?
  3. I don’t think a straight guy will allow himself to be waxed by a male attendant. That is awkward to the nth level.
  4. I know it’s a job (I’m sure gays will have a field day! hahaha) but won’t the girl attendant feel awkward? I mean, I understand those in the medical field and what they do there is “serious”. This one is for “aesthetics” done in a rather informal environment.
  5. Come to think of it, if they have waxed a hefty number of men already, don’t they get so used to it, that they get callused at the sight of it and lose interest in the process? Now that’s just sad. Hahaha.

So with my curiosity piqued like anything, I continued chatting with her. I asked if those going boyzilian are mostly Caucasians, she hastily replied, that most of them are Pinoys! I found it rather surprising because my perception on the male species is limited to the non-kikoy ones, family members and friends alike. Thank goodness! Hindi ko yata kaya yung lalakeng mas maarte pa sa akin. *praying I’ll be spared from those kind*

I mean, men with hair on their arms, legs, armpits, down-there, chest (*sigh!* 😉 ) are considered normal and very masculine given the right amount of density per area, right? ;). So when have they started being kikoy? I’m just curious at what triggered the whole boyzilian thing among Pinoy men. The news that David Beckham waxes his body hair? And I thought only women are vain. Tsk.


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