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I promised myself I will one day visit Sweden not just because it is Alexander Skarsgård’s birthplace but this quiet little country looks really fascinating even with him aside. They are the source of some of the world’s best treasure, both the known and probably the obscure ones to some. From models like Isabella Rossellini (her mother Ingrid Bergman is Swede and her father is Italian) to automobiles like Volvo and Saab to glam rock music legend like Europe (remember, The Final Countdown?).

So here’s a list of what I love about Sweden:

1. Alexander Skarsgård

This guy is not only a walking feast for the eyes; he’s smart, he’s generally nice to his fans, he’s got humor, he knows how to act that I’m actually convinced he is a vampire. Hahaha. On the other hand, he is a real Swedish Marine that’s why the role Brad “The Iceman” Colbert in Generation Kill fitted him so well. Damn! That face plus those arms are enough to make any sane woman drool like a crazed puppy. Arf! Arf!


Who can forget these legends? Dancing Queen can make everyone stand up and sing in videoke sessions but my favorite is Thank You For The Music. Really, thank you.

That’s why when the movie version came out, I just had to watch it.  The movie was a good watch, especially loved that part where Colin Firth sang, “♪♫♪♫ I can still recall our last summer… ♪♫♪♫”. Such sweet voice! But that part where Pierce Brosnan sang, I just found it a tad weird. Maybe because it was like watching James Bond sing Abba.

3. Work of Art

L-R: Robert Säll, Lars Säfsund, and Herman Furin

This Swedish melodic rock band released their first album, Artwork in 2008. The geniuses behind this rather low key (at least here in the Philippines) but brilliant group are Robert Säll, Herman Furin and Lars Säfsund. These guys are amazing and nice too! They actually respond if you message them on Facebook. (Fangirl moment). It will be a surreal treat to see and hear them play here. **Shouting this out to the great cosmic void… this might actually reach them 🙂 **

Second album 'In Progress' under Frontier Records

Their second album In Progress was released in 2011 and as with their first, it was well-received by the critics in the AOR scene.

My brother and his (rather rough-mouthed 😉 ) friend introduced several Swedish AOR bands to us and I have to say, the Swedes have a knack for producing such melodic rock tunes with heart-shattering lyrics that make their power ballads one wicked companion when you’re in that laslas-pulso (wrist-slashing) moment.


The first time I saw this store in Singapore, I was positively overwhelmed by its size and design; I had to tour the whole store before I can exit the place and I have no complains. Their pieces are so practical and such eye candies too! I can stay here for hours just looking and drooling.

A little side story. My friend resides in Singapore and he recently moved to a new apartment, thus needed a new bed. So he went to IKEA and purchased six square center tables. I’m like, “What?!” His explanation? He can’t find the perfect bed frame size, then he saw these center tables in black and red; did some brilliant math calculations (he’s really good at this!) and thought it was just what he wanted, plus it will conveniently fit the cab’s trunk. So he got six, tied it securely together, placed the mattress, and voila! He got himself a nifty, versatile bed frame. Ingeniously crazy fella!

5. Swedish Meatballs

No, this is not a reference to Alex Skarsgård’s stuff. You dirty women! (^_^)

These are  probably the best treat you can give yourself after touring the IKEA store. I can wolf down three orders of this if I want to let myself go. Forget saturated fat. Forget calories. And just be fat-happy like Garfield.



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Going Gaga over Alexander

My addiction to True Blood overflowed to looking for related stuff in cyberspace… and here’s what I found…

Lucky lady… as for me… just going gaga here… @_@

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