Meet the Coffee Junkie

I am Rowena and I’m a coffee junkie.

More than three decades later and I still haven’t warmed up to my name. To make things worse, I was called Weng-Weng as a kid and I found out later as an adult that this is also a cocktail that can punch you in the gut, if mixed in the “right” proportions.

Surprisingly, now that I’m much older, I find Weng-Weng actually cute and takes me back to my childhood. But please call me Weng (if we’re close, I may just forgive you for calling me Weng-Weng). 🙂

I’m an I.T. consultant. And people would often ask, “What kind of consulting do you do?” One even joked while maintaining a poker face, “Consultant for the heart?” and to which I replied with a wink, “I can do that too”. I said that to an immigration officer in Singapore and I got rewarded with a smile. 😀

Anyway, I’m in the technical writing field and dabbled as well in eLearning. If you ever bothered with those inserts when you buy a gadget, that is part of technical writing. In a nutshell, people like me translate the developer’s Geek-Martian language into something that even dummies can comprehend. 😉

I love to travel but I have yet to discover the glorious places in our beloved Philippines. I just find traveling in our country far more expensive than going out of the country for a vacation. At least around Asia, that is. So I promised myself that I will explore the country more before it’s too late to bask in its awesomeness.

I love Kino, my Nikon DSLR camera. And owning one doesn’t make me an authority in photography nor does it make me a photographer. But it does give me a sense of pleasure to see how different my photos are now compared when I was just using a point-and-shoot camera (which now serves as backup). I do edit my photos but I don’t edit to the point that it looks like it has undergone major surgery. While it’s nice and heart-warming to hear family and friends appreciate the photos I took, compliment from strangers or acquaintances feels a different kind of nice too. Ever remember that feeling of warm, tingly sensation when your crush walks by and smiles at you? That kind of nice!

I love music and appreciate different genres like rock, alternative, musicals and (some) pop and country, too. I love movies and reading. I love chatting as much as I love listening. I love technology. I love dressing up and dressing down, too!

And most of all, I love to laugh out loud. And for me, that’s the only way to laugh. It’s as liberating as singing in the shower and dancing naked in the confines of your bedroom.

Jumbled Coffee Thoughts was the first that came to mind in 2008.  As vapid as it may seem, my mind was in a jumble that day and I drowned myself in coffee in the hopes of staying awake because I barely slept the night before. Lesson: don’t create a blog when your brain is hazy. 😉

12 responses to “Meet the Coffee Junkie

  1. Ivy

    Ngayon ko lang nakita yung logo mo dito. Ang cute ha. Kakaiba talaga talent mo.

  2. jumbledcoffeethoughts

    I had to delete that ‘logo’ kasi it looks corny now. hehehe. Hopefully I can come up with a better one. Ü

  3. Timi Sace

    Hey Weng, I’m just reading your blog now. I really like your posts – it’s very informative, interesting, and heartwarming. Keep it coming!

  4. abby

    hi weng i love this… keep writing for more interesting “jumbled thoughts”… at least you have an outlet for the creative genius in U… nice super like *wink*

    • jumbledcoffeethoughts

      thanks so much, abby for taking time out to read the stuff here. super appreciate the kind words… 😉

  5. hereismars

    Hi! Glad to stumble upon your blog 🙂 Love the informative posts!

    All the best,

  6. jazz dropping by…

    *blag* este *blog*

    holla holla yo! =)

  7. Good day!

    We are team producers of Good Morning Club. The morning show of Associated Broadcasting Company or mostly known as TV5. Our segment, Morning Balita, tackles the recent and special reports here in the Philippines. On our upcoming episode, we are working on a story regarding Freebie Metnality of Filipinos. We would like to tackle what is the benefit when you get freebies on every product and if it really helps you lessen your expenses. We have read your articles from about the Woman First to Claim Starbucks planner.

    In line with this, we would like to seek your help for us to also interview her personally as our case study on the segment. We promise that we will honor your artcile on our report.

    We are hoping for a positive response.

    Thank you and Godbless.

    Djohanna Ongtangco
    Good Morning Club
    TV5 News and Information

    • Hi Ms. Djohanna,

      I almost fell off my seat when I saw this. 😀 But just to clarify, it is who made the article. I merely provided the info but that satire article is all him. His site specializes in satire articles; most are loosely based on facts but these are exaggerated to epic proportions, making readers think whether which are still facts and which are not. 😉

      I promise to send you an email / contact you later. Thank you for dropping by this humble blog. 🙂

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