Courage and Happiness

2015 may have been an uneventful year compared to 2014 but if there was one thing that this year taught me, it’s courage.


To walk away

From people who drag me down emotionally.

From people who think it’s perfectly ok for them to come and go into my life at their own convenience.  No distance, time zone or priority will keep them from making you a part of their lives IF they so want to. It’s a decision.

When I walked away from people who I thought makes me happy, I became happier. It is possible.

To love oneself

It’s so hard to love oneself when you know how imperfect you are; how you wish you’re prettier, skinnier, smarter, richer and all those comparatives that leave you feeling inadequate. But try. Hard.

We need to love ourselves because that overrated Jerry Maguire movie line,‘You complete me’, needs to be eradicated from every person’s head (men and women alike). That is one Hollywood b******t at its finest and we all need to forget because we DON’T need another person to COMPLETE us. We NEED someone to COMPLEMENT us.

To look at the weighing scale

It’s unbelievable how a normal weighing scale can scare the bejesus out of us. To check our weight takes a lot of courage and acceptance that we have indeed gone heavier. If you’re ok with the new weight, then good for you. But if you’re not, do something about it.

Loving oneself means eating properly. Losing weight in the process is but a consequence of good eating decisions. It boosts our confidence and consequently makes us happy. Imagine wearing the jeans you’ve had since 2007. That is an achievement.

To ask and say something

As talkative as I am, cat gets my tongue each time I want to ask a guy, ‘So, what does this whole thing mean?’ Women out there, ask! For your sanity.  It takes a lot of courage to open your mouth and ask but believe me, it feels liberating. No regrets. No what ifs. And if you’re lucky, you’ll remain in touch with them. I am!

Though there was a moment this year that I stopped myself from asking. Only because I realized just in time, I don’t like him as much as I did five years ago.

To be on your own

You don’t know how spending time alone will make you happy until you’ve tried it.

As much as I love traveling and spending time with friends, traveling solo gives a different kind of happiness. Conquer your fears of feeling stupid wandering the streets alone or eating alone. It’s not easy. But when you give yourself a chance, you’ll find yourself looking forward to your next travel. I did.

I conquered Hanoi last year and I did Baguio last November. So many stories, so little time. I’ll post my itinerary and more tips on traveling to this beloved northern province.


In the meantime, while it’s customary to wish a ‘Prosperous New Year’, I wish for everyone to ‘Be Happy in 2016’! 🙂


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