Virtual Religiosity and Morality

Post may be offensive to the overly sensitive. This isn’t about dissing any religion or belief. It’s an observation of how people currently perceive religion and morality.


I really flip over when I see reposts of those photos that say ‘Type Amen if you love Jesus, keep scrolling if you love Satan’ and countless other variations that mean to make you guilty as hell for scrolling away.

Seriously. Ridiculous.

I cannot believe that the God we have regarded in such high esteem is so ridiculously shallow that people not liking or typing ‘Amen’ is equivalent to loving the fallen angel.

Can we all please give this God that Christians believe in more credit than we’re giving Him? That simply typing ‘Amen’ or liking that photo will score you points in heaven? Or that being a follower of a certain religion guarantees you this heaven that people are aspiring for? C’mon! Work for it!

Those ‘godly’ posts have a cousin.


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Liking photos depicting hunger and poverty doesn’t feed or help them. But maybe, if you get off your phone and try to see what’s happening around you, you’ll notice the old man begging for alms. Rather that, buy him food. Talk to him. You’ll soon realize he gave more than you did. He made you realize that however crappy you think your life is, you have it way better than him. And sometimes you realize why you have been so discontented when you have so much to be grateful for.

Helping isn’t about magnitude but attitude. It doesn’t need to be a grand display of kindness; it simply needs to be sincere.  Extending help in however little way, without expecting for anything in return is noble. But when politicians do these huge feeding programs (which technically is from our own pockets too), I cannot help but question the sincerity  because it might as well be laying the foundation for the next election. Yes, I am that cynical with people in the government.

I hate making sweeping statements but a good chunk of them has a sense of entitlement over public funds with nary a trace of decency in their wickedly evil ‘dark’ bones. That was an intentional swipe at these families of corrupt (and subtly corrupt) politicians who have been ruling this country with yellow, red, white, and orange (let’s just say the whole range of Crayola) propaganda.

God help us all next year. Like if you agree. <<insert sarcasm here>> 😉


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2 responses to “Virtual Religiosity and Morality

  1. ‘Amen’ to this post! LOL!

    and i think the same people who share those are the ones who believe in zodiac signs and horoscopes. XD

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