The Confinement of Forever


Sorry to burst your bubble. But there is no forever. Non. Nej. Nein.

And I say that with nary a trace of bitterness or sadness.

It’s just is.

When someone you love passes on, you cannot say you will be forever sad and cannot be happy anymore.

Believe me, you will be. At some point.

Time has a way of healing our pain. We start feeling better again and it’s nothing to be guilty about. Being ok doesn’t equate to forgetting them. Life is about accepting what is and recalling moments with them with fondness and maybe sharing a few laughs with people who knew them.

I think that’s what our loved ones wants for us. To continue living in their death.

When you finally found The One (nope, not Jet Li); that happy ending to your own fairy tale, you cannot say, “I’ll be forever happy because I’ve found you”.

Believe me, that “forever happy” will be tested with dirty clothes strewn on the floor; dirty dishes left lying on the sink; outfits haphazardly thrown in the closet that in your head looks so much better than the one they chose to wear… and the list goes on.

Even that most perfect person in your lovestruck eyes has flaws. And that goes both ways; your partner maybe thinking that too. It takes acceptance and a whole lot of love to see beyond those flaws.

So there really is no forever. We only have this lifetime. Make good of every single day. Be thankful that you get to wake up and start anew. That’s as forever as it can get.

Even tomorrow is promised to no one.

What makes you think you can promise forever to someone?



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2 responses to “The Confinement of Forever

  1. Indeed, on the logical context there is no forever. We know we won’t be forever lonesome, grieving, happy or madly in love for there will be instances for sure that we’ll feel the opposite. We all know “nothing last forever”.
    It would be too convenient if all of us are logical beings. But people like to hold on to something illogical for good reasons. We believe in “forever” (at times) to fool ourselves unconsciously/blindly to motivate our gloomy spirits, to give us hope that what we are doing right now will matter in the future, for us to feel and cherish each moment while we wait for our bride to march on that altar and goes a long list.
    We even believe in forever such it cause as pain and suffering. “Diba pag na stuck ka sa traffic sa EDSA feeling mo it takes “forever” bago umusad mga sasakyan 🙂 ” .
    I had my bubble burst long time ago but from time to time I tend to create another one. Cheers !!!

    • Hi Sonny! Thanks so much for taking time out to read this and impart your perspective. I loved reading your comment.

      Sometimes I just feel that media has over romanticized forever and belittled this lifetime. I just think that being practical doesn’t make things less romantic. 🙂

      Well, it’s always nice to be hopeful so let’s just keep fingers (and toes, for good measure! 🙂 ) crossed.

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