Running Into George Tapan

Pardon this stolen shotI took last Photoworld 2012. :)

Pardon this stolen shotI took last Photoworld 2012. 🙂

Today, I won over my urge to procrastinate and vegetate; I jogged! And I was rewarded not only with burned up calories but running into the master himself: George Tapan.

Huffing and puffing as I am, I thought I’d say hi and shake his hand. That was all I wanted, instead he rewarded me with a few minutes of his time.

He is just so unassuming; bereft of any shred of  conceit that often comes with fame and success. As though he is not a multi-awarded photographer, published author and the man who bested thousands of photographers back in 2011 for the National Geographic Photo Contest in which he submitted his photo “Into the Green Zone” sans any editing. That’s how good he is. With the birth of technology, people tend to rely a little too much on editing tools rather on knowing composition, the appropriate camera settings and all the other skills necessary to capture that perfect shot. But not him.

What’s even more admirable about this man is that he generously shares his time and knowledge with people who love to take photographs without biases for any camera brand; whether you’re a Canonista, Nikonista or whatever this warring camera enthusiasts call themselves, you are welcome to join his sessions.

In that short time of chatting with him, he imparted tips on ISO, composition, resisting the urge to be trigger happy; all of that among a slew of topics from lost heritage sites; adapting to change and more exciting possibilities for his upcoming sessions.

I may not have a photo with him but that conversation with him is going to stay with me for a very long time.

To you, Master George Tapan, thank you for giving me a little of your time. Cheers to more years!


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