How to Not Feed a Racist Troll

Google decided to take down the offensive site.

PLEASE hear me out before hitting the Share button on that blogpost on Bloodstained about Filipinos.

The troll has its five-point guide on showing displeasure to Filipinos and I thought to tap on our objectivity before our (often) overly-sensitive side get the better of us.

1.     “Your English sucks…”

Surely you do not believe this nonsense, right? Because why on earth will BPOs setup shop here if that were the case?

Our English proficiency may have dwindled but even Manong Magtataho or Manang Fruit Vendor can help a tourist who badly needs directions. That’s how good we are.

2.     Accidentally step on them or shove them.

If someone ever does this to a person regardless of race, it says nothing about the ‘victim’ but a lot on the ‘perpetrator’. Nuff said.

3.     Create an artistic mess on your plate.

“Toss food into your mouth, chew thoroughly, then spit it out….Do this till your plate is a masterpiece of regurgitated nastiness…”

If someone does this in a Filipino resto, it should offend us Filipinos? Hell, no!

Again, this does not reflect anything on us and everything on the person who will ever do this. Only someone obtuse and devoid of social graces will publicly display such a juvenile act.

4.     Never help Filipinos involved in serious traffic accidents.

After this troll’s previous statements, do we actually expect it to do something nearly humane?

5.     Pray for a flood of biblical proportions to descend upon Orchard Road on 8 June

This troll has conveniently forgotten that Orchard Road is in Singapore, therefore, they will just be as affected as we are given that this place is haven to retail stores, hotels and businesses.

All these in point, will you still share that article? I didn’t even link it here because the troll is probably enjoying the traffic on his hideous blogpost already and I’m so not giving it the satisfaction of seeing its stats go up. Regardless if there are but a very few people reading my blog, I will not care to add those numbers to its stats.

I’ve been to Singapore a number of times and I cannot recall a bad encounter with them; in another Asian country,  maybe, but not in Singapore. 

The troll is merely counting on our over-sensitivity and social media proficiency and enthusiasm to gain popularity and infamy.

So please, DO NOT SHARE that link.


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