Why We Deserve to Receive Our Exact Change (or at Least Close to it)


It is loose change; and pretty much dispensable to most but I will always argue that it is money. It is legal tender.

And one sure way to tick my sense of right and wrong is to give me a change that is less than what I should receive, with an extra shot of attitude from the cashier.

Receiving a change that is 40 cents short, it is just unacceptable. And doubly irritating when this cashier gave me the attitude that I was being deliberately difficult because of a measly 40 cents. It is not about the money. It is a simple form of integrity.

I do not get why these stores do not have loose change or these cashiers do not understand the concept of rounding off. I understand if they are one or four cents short, even  ten. Just give the customer a sort of heads up that you can’t give the exact change for whatever reason. And say it nicely.

Just imagine how much extra loose change they will accumulate if they do that on a daily basis to all their customers. How are they going to account for it? And if I pay less than 40 cents for my purchases, will they allow it?

It is unlawful and unfair practice to give inexact change or candies in place of loose change.  It says so in the Consumer Act of the Philippines.

Why I got peeved? Here’s our exchange:

Me: Miss, kulang yung change ko ng 40 cents. Kung singko o diyes, ok lang eh. Pero 40?!

Cashier: *Looking annoyed and tells her fellow cashier,* Pahingi nga ng 25cents.

Me: If you don’t have 40, you should give me 50. This is not the first time this store did this.

 Cashier: Pahingi ng piso, bigyan kita ng 50.

Me: Iyo na.”



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2 responses to “Why We Deserve to Receive Our Exact Change (or at Least Close to it)

  1. milan

    True! One of my fave cashiers in shopwise manila has loose change on top of the caritas can.. these arw the change that some customers do not want (!) If he doesnt have enough in his till, he uses the change on top of the can. At the end of the day (yes makwento si kuya cashier) he puts the left over change in the can 😉

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