In 2014….


This coming year we should care about things that actually matter.

Stop caring about what people will say or think about you; you can’t please everybody anyway. Do what makes you happy as long as you don’t hurt anyone in the process and take full responsibility for it.

Start caring about people that really matter in your life. Those who appreciate you for who you are and see that you are awesome in your own quirky way. Those who love you in all your wonderful weirdness.

Start taking responsibility over our actions because we are all interrelated in this little planet. Yes, and that includes keeping those little trashes in your pocket until you find a garbage bin.

Sorry, I’m doing this post in between waiting for my Tropical Cheesecake to set and watching cable movies. With those lame excuses….

Happy New Year! May this year be a little nicer to all of us. (^_^)


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