Mindless Late Night Wanderings

You are what you post. Whether it be a blog, status, tweet or comment.

These are thoughts spoken out loud whether cryptic or explicit. Whether significant or irrelevant. Whether hilarious or serious. Whether deliberate or unintentional.

You actually give people a glimpse of you through words or photos. Think about it. 😉


I can count in one hand those people who manage to make me smile (even in my foulest mood) with just their name appearing on my phone screen. Whether it be an email, a text message or an incoming call. (.◠‿◠.)


 The songs I listen to lately make you pop right into my amygdala. You even make me want to be smart! 😉


What makes you so appealing to me? Is that you’re not aware you have it. Couple that with a sensible head and reticent charm. BOOM! 😛


 Now… time to read. 


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