Elevator Girls Face-Off: Philippines vs. Japan

Cheridel “Cherry” Alejandrino. The Filipina elevator girl who’s viral video has been shared in various social media has also been picked up by local news and Al Jazeera. How cool is that!

So just to see if there are other videos of Cherry on Youtube, I hit search and I found this video of an elevator girl from Japan. The person who uploaded the video, captioned it as “…the saddest job ever”. A huge¬†disparity between Cherry and the Japanese girl, as far as the videos will let me see.

If there’s one thing to be proud of as Filipinos, no matter how hard life is, we still manage to smile, laugh and make the most of any dire situation. That your job doesn’t matter; it’s the attitude with your job that matters. She was given a certificate of recognition already; I’m sure monetary reward is well-deserved too, right, Mr. Henry Sy?

Here’s the face-off:

The Philippines



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