Death by Lyrics

I’ve been meaning to compile these songs with #KillerLyrics. You can look up that hashtag on Twitter and you will see these songs that must be avoided at all costs when you are nursing a battered heart. But of course you can check them out when you are feeling masochistic  and just want to feel like adding salt to your wounds. Have a bottle of tequila at hand,though; that should put that salt to better use. 😉

Here are songs that you don’t hear on the radio but something you would love to listen to over and over again. The melody and the lyrics are just awesome!

A Kid Called Panic by Moon Safari

Every time I hear this line, I have this urge to hug the guy in the song… and I actually got a “ticket” to hug him.

…You’ve changed your address
Soon you’ll change your last name
How I wish I’d change at all…

Crossed the Rubicon by Moon Safari

With title like this, it makes you think; it makes you Google and then it will just hit you. BAM!  The lines are just too real and there is that possibility of this happening to you.

…You stopped me at the supermarket, asked me how I’m doing
Once again I’m lying to you, tell you that I’m alright…

Once in a Lifetime by Work of Art

Another Swedish band that I love…

…I knew I’d regret it
Yet I choose to fall
Leaving makes no sense at all…

The Flame Still Burns by Strange Fruit

You will appreciate this song if you watch Californication and the season 6 finale.

…I know the fear and the cost of a paradise lost in frustration…

Reason for Love by David Hodges

…Take me so far away from this place
Where my heart can breathe
Somewhere I can believe again…

What Mattered Most by Long Story Short

…There’s no point in carrying on,
‘Cause love has left us both so cold…

Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles

All I have, all I need, he’s the air I would kill to breathe
Holds my love in his hands, still I’m searching for something
Out of breath, I am left hoping someday I’ll breathe again

Only You by Matthew Perryman Jones

I could start it over and find somebody new
A beautiful distraction, just a hand to hold on to
But if you ask me, would that love be true?

Thursday by Asobi Seksu

This song is may be upbeat but wait until you hear the lyrics.

…The autumn wind feels
As if it were you
And swayed through the fields
Where I once held you…


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