I Needed a Hanky on a Rainy Day

umbrellaOn a rainy day like this, I remember my dad insisting he will walk with me to the main street, armed with a huge umbrella, to get  a ride to the office. All because he knows I hate carrying a wet umbrella during commute. Yes, he understands my weirdness. 🙂

He will then put his arm on my shoulder and off we walk.

When my ride finally arrives, he’ll still have that umbrella on my head, then I’ll kiss him goodbye. And he’ll wait until the vehicle speeds away before he walks back home.

I remember this one passenger’s wistful look and I just smiled at her. I thought, how many fathers indeed do this to their grown-up kid? I guess we’re just lucky to have a father who’s sweet in his own way.

And today, I wished that umbrellas have the power to shield us not just from the rains but from heartaches and sadness brought forth by memories like this.

I terribly miss this man. To think that I told him he doesn’t have to do it because I have my umbrella anyway. But I’m just so thankful for those times that he insisted.


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