Exploring Bicol by Land: Day 0

Super delayed post on my Bicol adventure… so here goes! ūüôā

Two gal pals and I challenged ourselves to take Bicol hardcore on the last week of April. By bus. It’s actually doable given that we did the same with our Ilocos adventure. It’s a 10-hour journey from Manila so it’s best to travel at night to maximize your trip. I was thinking of taking the PNR train ride but it has not resumed operations so bus it was.

We took the 8:30PM bus to Legazpi from the Araneta Cubao Terminal, which was once Rustan’s. Back then,¬†my sister and I will pass through this shopping mecca for the rich just so we’ll be “amoy-mayaman”. It has¬†that distinct shashall¬†¬†whiff that Ali Mall or SM lacks.¬† But today, it lost its grandeur when the Ali Mall bus terminal was transferred here as that site is now being developed as a prime residential community.

Sorry I got sidetracked ūüôā We took the Cagsawa Bus Tours for its good feedback from both Trip Advisor and Girl Talk forums.


Fare: P850 (one-way)    

ETD Manila: 8:30PM  |  Two stopovers of 15-20 minutes each  |   ETA Legazpi: 5:30-6:00AM


  • Book your ticket at least three days before your planned trip (I bought ours a week ahead) to make sure you don’t waste precious time. Don’t put yourself through unnecessary hassle. ūüėČ
  • Cagsawa Bus is as good as the feedback on forums but if you want to be socially connected during that 10-hour ride without relying on tres gapang technology, I mean 3G, take the Alps bus; they have WiFi onboard.
  • If you’re a light eater, just bring a sandwich and water before boarding the bus.¬†I felt so ripped off with the cup of instant coffee for P25 at the stopovers.¬†¬†

Apart from my annoying seatmate who keeps switching on her side as though she was on a bed and not on a bus seat; and the boisterously excited teens in front of my gal pals, the journey to Bicol was uneventful.

And when Mayon Volcano finally came into view, around 5AM you can distinguish the tourists from the locals. Even I can’t hide my amazement at how beautiful it was.¬† Post cards and photos doesn’t give justice to the magnificence of this gift of nature. From the bus terminal and in most places around Legazpi City, the gorgeous Mayon Volcano is visible. Made me realize how fortunate the locals are to wake up to this beauty every single day.

The good thing is, the condotel where were staying has a fabulous view of Mayon Volcano from the hallway.

We wake up to this gift of nature for two days. Sweet!

We wake up to this gift of nature for two days. Sweet!

So will I recommend Pinehurst Suites? Check the details below.

  • Location: Superb! It’s easy to commute if you stay here as jeeps traverse this road.
  • Security:¬†Thumbs up! As soon as they verified your reservation, you’ll be asked to scan your forefinger ¬†on their biometrics scanner installed at the gate.Very safe indeed. You can just come and go as you please.
  • Room: Superb! The room is spacious and I love the bathroom too!
  • Service: SUCKS!¬†The worst part was breakfast. You can read my review of Pinehurst Suites¬†here. Check the commenter Rowena B., that’s me. ūüėȬ†

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