Father’s Day Without a Father

Just as we are trying to go back to our normal lives, here comes June bearing miserable memories on a silver platter.  This is the first time we will celebrate Father’s Day without a father.

I’ve written stuff about this guy we call Tatay and for now, I want to write things that will remind us of him. Before we forget all about them. The hope is that this blog will still be out there somewhere when we’re gray to remind us of the things of what Tatay was like.

  • Before he got sick, he would always wake up around 4:30AM just to cook us breakfast.
  • On the those rare cold mornings, our hot water is ready for our baths when we wake up. And when we have our morning battles with the alarm, he even wakes us up. Sweet!
  • Cooked the most delicious adobo and paksiw na pata that our friends request for it when they visit our house.
  • He’s got one mean sarcastic bone and you wish you won’t be on the receiving end when he’s in one of those moods. 🙂
  • Jack of all trades: paints cars, sews, does carpentry and minor electricity fixes, even sold ice cream in the streets of Sampaloc.
  • Got a slight brush with showbiz but it just never transpired.
  • His vanity with his hair was partly the reason why he doesn’t want to undergo chemotherapy; going bald is just not the way to go.
  • Has this little comb in his back pocket just in case the wind messes his hair.
  • Loves Ginebra and everything associated with it and that includes The Living Legend, of course.
  • And somehow brainwashed our kiddie minds to root for his favorite team.  Until Jeffrey Cariaso came into my sister’s life and Jojo Lastimosa into mine. hahaha
  • Can sing the national anthems of Japan and the US.
  • When my brother lived away from home so he’ll know how to raise his own family, he will make excuses to our mother so he can visit him in the morning and bring the kids pan de sal.
  • Waits for me until the wee hours of the morning until I get home from my Friday escapades.

There’s so much memories; some still painful even as I’m just recounting them; then some that never fails to make me smile. It may get easier as time passes; the pain dulls a bit but there’s a void in our lives now that makes it really hard to forget you. I doubt we ever will. We still miss you, Tatay. Happy Father’s Day! ♥

Our last photo together taken on April 2012. We miss you!

Our last photo together taken on April 2012. We miss you, Tatay!


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