Promising Start, Horrid Ending: Tale of a Bad Date


I think, this off-shoulder blouse should be blamed. 😛

Life indeed is stranger than fiction. Just when I think it can only happen in the movies, it happened. Of all people to me.

I had a very long, stressful day and all I wanted was to go home. Thankfully, a ride was there at the terminal and I happily took my seat at the back, put on my headset and enjoyed my playlist. The guy seated on my right was busy playing with his tablet and I refused to be bothered with the rather loud sound of his game; I just upped my iPod’s volume a bit.

At one point during the ride he must have dozed off and he would alternately bang his head on my shoulder or “accidentally” graze my shoulder with his hand and I was getting pissed. I pushed him a bit and then ignored him.

It was an uncomfortable, cramped ride for me; more so for the guy beside me. He kept fidgeting and muttered something under his breath that closely resembled to an apology. I must say it was a good move because I didn’t have to bite his head off; instead I turned a bit and just gave him a little smile.

And that was the start.

Minutes later, he was busy with his phone again. I was so shocked when I saw the phone right in front of me. And I realized, he wanted me to read what he typed:  “Can I get your number?” (Go ahead; feel free to snigger. )

I was so surprised that I had to turn to him and gave him a you-gotta-be-kidding-me smile. I typed “Why” and gave him back his phone. And almost predictably he typed: “I want to get to know you” and then I replied: “Haha”

He typed again: “Pls 😦 ” Since I’m a sucker for good manners, the “please” worked. Hahaha! Let’s see where this leads to.

True to his word, he called (but I missed it) and texted to say I really have a great smile. Seriously. While flattery hardly works on me, I have to admit, the whole meeting was pretty interesting. And it gave the confidence a needed boost. 🙂

He was actively texting the next day and asked if we can go home together since we take the same ride anyway. I thought, that sounds harmless enough. After a long day at work, it will be nice to cap it off with a follow through from last night’s encounter.

At the agreed time, we met and I was surprised when he asked if I wanted to get a massage since I was so tired. In my head, I’m like “Whuuuttt??!” I just said, “I don’t think so. But I’ll have coffee with you.” This guy is fast and I sure am about to get furious. (If it were Vin Diesel…. well…)

They say coffee leads to something else, but a coffee shop is a good place to endure that awkward getting-to-know-you stage. Gawd! Who dares to ask a girl out for a couple massage on the first date?!  That was the first warning bell and a slew of other turn-offs that I care not to elaborate.

There are men who knows how to make an average-looking girl feel darn pretty; those who are so fast you think armaggedon is happening tomorrow; and those who shower you with compliments hoping it will lead to dancing the horizontal tango.  Oh please. Not all singles live in Mindless-Desperate Avenue.

Regrets that I ended it? None. Does he get a second chance? Maybe but it’s slim. I may not believe in the whole courtship shebang, but when it comes to a total stranger, it is a necessary stage to endure.

While this encounter is one for the books, I have no regrets that I nipped it in the bud. A guy friend or officemate who playfully puts his arm on your shoulder, is acceptable; but a total stranger?! If you are someone we are crushing on, that arm on the shoulder is most welcome and you don’t know just how weak in the knees we already are. 😉

Every girl should know her worth and we just can’t settle for who’s there and looks at you like you are the most beautiful thing that happened since an OJT became a senator. Sorry, I just can’t help the barb. 😛


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