Stained and Disappointed


I went with a yeti on election day! \m/_(◠‿◠)_\m/

Ever since I’ve had the right to vote, I never failed to exercise that right. Because I believe it’s a step towards change.

Every election, I am hopeful. And every single damned time, I am disappointed.

I don’t get how the government can make someone eligible for a position when that person clearly has no sufficient experience. I mean, in the companies I’ve worked for, I was grilled during the interview and the years of experience in the capacity that I’m applying for has bearing if I will be hired or not.

As I’ve tweeted, if companies have stringent requirements for their applicants, why is the government so lenient with those running for office?

Companies often require us to submit Certificate of Good Moral Character and NBI Clearance. So now, how can an ex-president and  convicted plunderer even run for president in 2010 and for mayor in 2013?! It’s like giving him the license to rob all of us again.  Thank goodness this congressman/rapist was barred from running for office!

Am I dumb that I cannot grasp why this is allowed in this country? If companies have stricter hiring / screening process, why is the government so lenient?

In another perspective, while the government can allow even those unfit to run for office, it is ultimately the voters who have the upperhand. Kung walang boboto sa kanila, hindi naman sila mananalo. Sadly, that is not the case. People continue to vote those whose surnames they are familiar with regardless of their track record. Pag sikat, iboto na yan! Anak yan nung mabait na action star, iboto natin yan.

As dismayed and disappointed I am of how this election turned out, I will still vote on 2016. I cannot lose hope. I just cannot. This country is too beautiful to give up on.

Congratulations to those who won and to those deemed undeserving of that win, please prove us wrong. I don’t care about your skin color; I care about what you can do. So go prove us wrong. This is one instance when I would love to be proven wrong.



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2 responses to “Stained and Disappointed

  1. Ivy

    Very well said. Iboto si Weng for president. Hehehe!! Mabuhay!!

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