Why Do You Run?

So there is another Nat Geo run slated for April 28. I sincerely hope BOTH organizers and runners will be more responsible this time given the flak they got from last year.  Otherwise, this will just a vicious cycle of hypocrisy and irony.

Jumbled Coffee Thoughts

Bandwagons will always be ridden; it’s almost the natural thing to do. So whether you’ll ride it or not is not the question. It is WHYyou are riding it. (I haven’t ridden that ridiculously over-hyped ice cream stick bandwagon 😉 #justsaying)

Running for several causes have been proliferating the metro and even the provinces. And it’s a noble thing. Your quest for a healthier you consequently helps sick children get some medical attention; poor children get a shot at education; and several other worthy causes. I’m all for that.

But the NatGeo Earth Run held at Bonifacio Global City last April 22 epitomizes the word IRONY (or maybe hypocrisy?). See for yourself.

From what little I know of runs like these, a committee of cleaners are assigned to clean up the mess that these runners make as they finish the course. A friend who participated in the recently-held Energizer…

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