Weekly Photo Challenge: Home


It’s funny that something as prosaic as a pair of slippers can be associated to finding our one true love. We go through life fitting different shoes, in various styles and hues. Similar to that phase in our lives where we date people who may be a little different from our usual tastes (like wearing those fancy heels and pumps) or may be a little similar just to be on the safer side (like those ballet flats or sneakers). You know, just to up the chances of the two of you hitting it on or just to have something to talk about.

But at one point in our lives, no matter how much we love our shoes, we have that favorite pair of slippers that we can’t wait to come home to. We long for that someone who will make us yearn to ditch all those fancy shoes and just wear those comfy slippers in our bedroom.

Though some may actually find that pair of slippers that they would love to go home to after a long day, some may not. Then again,  you might as well unceremoniously kick off those shoes and put your feet up. You are home.



Thank you, WordPress for coming up with this. Cheers!




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17 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

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  2. Really nice response to the challenge, more than just a photo of a house.

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  4. you nailed it with the theme

  5. Ivy

    Dahil dito, mahal ko na ang home slippers ko. Hahaha! Nice one

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  7. That reminds me a bit of my home too. Lot’s of beaches where I live 🙂

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  9. take off your jandals and then relax at home.. nice..

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