I Still Don’t Get It: Men and Girly Bags

The proof that they exist.

By now I should have already been used to seeing guys carrying their girlfriends’ purses. They are everywhere. Students  with bangs swept from the left patilya to their right eye; to those jejboys who have their caps sitting, almost hovering, on their heads (which never fails to annoy me especially when those days are sitting on the sidelines egging me to hammer their jejcaps on their heads and nail it there). That even yuppies do this. WHY?!?! And it never fails to stir a slew of thoughts in my usually preoccupied head.

The Girl:

  • Kinaganda ko talaga di bah?
  • Inggit ka teh?
  • It’s like so bigat kasi! I really can’t bitbit it on my dainty little shoulder eh.
  • He really loves looking stupid for me! Awwww! Luv you babe!

The Guy:

  • Ang ganda talaga ng girlfriend ko kaya di siya dapat nagbibitbit ng kahit ano. 
  • In reality, lalake ka talaga trapped in a woman’s body that’s why you can’t appreciate this act of luvvvv. (My short and sweet reply: ‘Lul! 😛 )
  • Ang cute lang ng bag ni Luv di bah? Bagay ba, pre?
  • Di baleng magmukhang t@nga.. if only to prove na mahal ko siya. True love ‘to, dude! Walang halong eklavu. Promise!

The Contravida: Me

  • Hindi mo kinaganda ang magmukang imbalido. 
  • I’ve had my share of relationships and NEVER have I allowed them to carry my purse for me  even if they offered to do so. Backpack, grocery bags, sako ng bigas, laptop, printer, telephoto lens… sure, but a purse?!
  • Not only do I love them, but I RESPECT them. Hence I don’t like them looking pathetic kahit pa alam kong di yun makakabawas ng pagkalalake nila.
  • I do not have the heart to see my boyfriend lug around everything while I’m not carrying anything. 

Women want that equal treatment with men; constantly trying to prove that we are just as capable as them and yet some pa-frail women require a man to do this simple task of carrying a virtually weightless bag?! Naman!

And you men out there… it is not chivalry. It’s just so damn put-on. Unless you will remain consistent with that chivalrous act long after you dove into marriage, well that woman sure is lucky! Helping your woman with those heavy ‘mommy bags’ laden with diaper, milk and wet wipes,  is different from those teeny weeny girly purses.

Come to think of it, it is those in the courtship or girlfriend/boyfriend stage that you will see this more often. Possibly because (some) men will do anything and everything when they’re going in for the kill, so to speak.

Or maybe men just dig this whole ‘Let me do that for you, my invalid princess’ so women who can hold out their own are considered’ intimidating-bitches-who-don’t-need-a-man’. Well, bitch it  is then. 😉



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5 responses to “I Still Don’t Get It: Men and Girly Bags

  1. Ivy

    I can see the huge question mark above your face in this post. And I can see the frustration.

    Anyway, like you said, it’s the guy’s way of pakitang gilas and pogi points daw. But if girls don’t allow them to be like that, wala sanang ganito. Nagpapadala din kasi ang mga ibang babae. Hehe! Ayan, dami tuloy mga lalaking may bitbit na girly bags.

    Pero lately, madami din lalaki, naka girly bags pero di sa GF nila yun ha, sa kanila mismo. Hehe! Yan daw ang uso.. LOL

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