I Dare Not Close My Eyes: Mga Kuwentong Shuttle


This is not taken from the shuttle, of course; it’s at a bus bound for Manila from Vigan. 😛

The horrible traffic I bear with everyday, an hour to two on a very badass day, taught me to find humor in that daily punishment I put myself through. I try my best not to doze the ride off as I spend it observing my co-passengers; some funny and some downright annoying.

Oh, but there are days when I’m so dead to the world that I doze somewhere along Libis and woke up at Buendia already. Thank goodness for the sunnies I wore that day because it perfectly hid how disoriented I was. It took a lot of focusing and re-focusing my eyes to the surroundings outside to realize that had I slept a little longer, I would have completely missed my stop.

These are real shuttle moments I’ve captured in my head and astonishingly remember with such vividness. 😀

The Sleepers / Headbangers

Those who doze off so heavily their heads bang on the window repeatedly; makes me actually concerned if they suffered amnesia after all that headbanging.

That someone actually snores! And that’s merely minutes after the shuttle left the terminal. It may seem unlikely but believe me, it did happen.

And there are those who are so deep in their slumber that poise got defenestrated (I just can’t wait to use this word! I love how it rolls on my tongue 🙂 ) into the traffic mess. Once, a girl in skirt have her legs a little too far apart for my comfort and a little too exciting for the man beside me.

Then there are those who almost lean their head on my shoulder that we’ll get easily mistaken as kami na. All I have to do is stroke his hair tenderly and voila!…  instant boyfriend.


There are those who must be in such hurry that they opted to continue prepping up in the shuttle, you’d think you’re inside a mobile salon.

One girl actually got in with her hair wrapped in a small towel. As if that’s not enough, she towel-dried her hair. All the while thinking she looks cool or whatever. Just between us, I thought her shampoo smelled cheap… ssssh!

Then there are actually those who apply their complete makeup!  Lipstick or gloss should be ok, but the whole shebang? I’m amazed at the skills but must you really do that in public?

Just when I thought I’m used to seeing such, I saw this girl a few months back, slather lotion on her legs. I don’t know what possessed this woman to do it. Nakakalokah!  I almost offered to wax her hairy legs. 😛

And I think this one beats all those others. Picture an average-looking guy with tattoos on his nape and the sides of his neck. Astig, right? Until he brings out pressed powder and actually used it. I felt my eyes widen in surprise. And when he fished something out from his slingbag again, I can’t conceal my amusement anymore. It was a cherry Chapstick. As they say, sa panahon ngayon, ruler na lang ang straight.


Those who have companions are lucky to have someone  to chat the terrible traffic away. But it gets pretty annoying when the person beside you talks so emphatically to her companion that every hand gesticulation rubs your arm or your side annoyingly.

And there are those who talk about their lives that by the time you alight the shuttle, you can actually empathize with them already.

Lovers in Shuttle

There are those who are so lovey dovey I almost want to puke. I was unfortunately sitting beside this couple and the guy has his arm around the girl’s waist so his forearm will be kind of resting on my side, which is so bloody annoying because he’s sweaty and I feel like it’s drenching my side. ewww.

Some even have their fight inside the shuttle. It’s like watching a live soap. It’s crazy. One of the very few times I’m thankful to be single.


Nothing wrong with eating in the shuttle for as long as you don’t litter, you don’t bring a whole picnic basket and most of all, you don’t open a bag of anything cheese flavored chips. Imagine the horror of that patda smell (patay na daga) that you have to bear for a few minutes before your olfactory senses get numbed.

With all of these encounters, plus the skyrocketing gasoline prices, carpark fee and horrible holiday traffic, I don’t think I will ever drive a car to the office. Oh yes, and I have to get a real driver’s license first; I feel like I’m not ready to let go of my student’s license yet. 😛



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5 responses to “I Dare Not Close My Eyes: Mga Kuwentong Shuttle

  1. Ivy

    Panalo ito. Natawa ako doon sa salonistas? Meron talaga yung umakyat sashuttle naka towel pa ang hair? That’s way off na.

    And the lovers in the shuttle. May angst uli? Sweaty, hot on the skin, kadiri? Seems you can relate. : P

  2. fourkaster

    Hahaha ganyan nga mga eksena sa shuttle. Kalokah.

    Isa rin akong headbangers. Nagigising na lang ako ng malakas na pagkakauntog ko sa window haha

  3. Ivy

    Pag nagshuttle ako, feeling ko ako yung isa sa mga headbangers na nawawala yung posisyon ng ulo ko sa lugar. Hahaha! At isusulat mo. Haha!

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