Brushes with the Men in White

I spent the holiday going to the doctor for a checkup and I almost ended up spending the whole long weekend confined in the hospital. Not gonna happen.

It was like he was trying to scare the beejezus out of me; that this cellulitis may develop abscess that may  affect my whole thigh. So it is better off cured with IV than oral antibiotics. While I understand that, I am so not going to be confined for this loser of a cellulitis.

Amid all the scary tactics he’s using on me, he asked me what my work was because this may all be stress-related. And the minute he heard “I.T.” in I.T. consultant, he asked me if I can hack an account. I almost flipped over. He asked me twice about it. Crazy doctor.

So he gave me this admitting slip to the hospital for my confinement, and I went home. As soon as mom knew, she cried.  Like I was diagnosed with a deadly disease and that I’m dying tomorrow. The things this woman gets from watching too much soap. 🙂

After she gathered her wits about her, that her eeevvel daughter isn’t dying out on her any time soon, she went with me to another doctor for a second opinion. This doctor gave the same diagnosis but gave me oral meds (oral stuff indeed 😛 ) instead. Good enough for me.

I can’t help recalling this other encounter with my dad’s doctor. My mother  was smiling like a kid with a naughty secret when I went to relieve her on the shift with dad. She said the doctor kept on asking where I am as he has not seen me lately. When I finally bumped into him during my dad’s discharge from the hospital and after  discussing my dad’s condition, he said, “Bakit namumula yang mata mo?” I just said, shampoo was the culprit. And I was wearing my cap that time to actually hide it from prying eyes.

A week later for my dad’s checkup, he didn’t charge us for his professional fee. And when the whole family learned about it, their looks and smiles were screaming a chorus of “yiiiiiihhhhiiiiii!” Crazy family. ♥

For that second opinion, my mother wanted me to get it from my dad’s doctor. I had to remind her , “Nay, un problema ko po nasa hita, wala sa puso.”  (Well, technically there’s a problem with that now. It’s turned cold. Emo! hahaha)  Oh, did I say he is a cardiologist? I just gotta give it to my crazy mom. Mapilit lang talaga. (。◕‿◕。)



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4 responses to “Brushes with the Men in White

  1. Ivy

    Uyy it could be a sign. Baka naman sa doctor ang kapalaran mo. And malay mo, yun heart doctor pala ang magpapagaling ng hita mo.

    Kelangan lang ng tender loving touch from that doctor. Hihi

  2. Ivy

    Hahaha…. ahsus.. arte.. And just like that bumalik na naman ang alaala niya.. 😀

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