Vietnam Diaries: Exploring Dalat (Day 3)

So after purchasing our tickets for Saigon, we headed out to the shed at the back to wait for our free ride to the hotel. I expected Dalat to be much cooler than Saigon but I did not anticipate 20+°C. And so I was wearing shorts and I almost want to slap myself silly for that oversight.

We arrived at the inn around 8PM the night before; so while there were still some tour operators open, we can’t seem to get our butts going. There’s something about sitting in a bus for 8 hours with three stopovers that makes you feel so tired more than hungry. That said, we’re stuck with the tour offered to us at the inn we’re staying.

I’ll get this out of the way. We paid VND500,000 (Php1,000) each for the countryside and city tour but it was kind of disappointing because we didn’t get to really go to all the nice places in Dalat. Because it’s just not possible to squeeze it all in a day.

For the adventurous souls, book a tour that will let you bike around and hop from one place to the other in Dalat.

What redeemed the tour was the sun shone brightly that day when it has been raining for several days already and we got to ride the gorgeous 4×4 ride that Les Sapins offered, with our nice-albeit-still-needs-more-practice tour guide, Qui to boot.

If you’re merely staying overnight, I suggest taking the countryside tour. A full day of exploring Dalat is really not enough. It’s best to dedicate a full day for the countryside and another day for the city tour.


  • It’s quite chilly when you start your tour at 9AM (8AM Manila time) but it soon gets warm when you start walking around.
  • Wear comfortable clothes (bring extra if you wish) and trekking shoes/sandals; you’ll need these when you hike at Robin Hill and the Elephant Waterfalls.

Visiting the countryside  is not something that you can do on your own. You need to book a tour, whether it be the usual easy rider (motorbike) tours, or the tours offered at your hotel or visit the Dalat Travel Center, which is right in the center.

If you’re visiting Dalat on a tight schedule, it’s best to take the guided tour as it will save you more time and you get to go to more places. Just make sure you book with legit tours because as with Saigon, the chances of tourists getting gypped is a likely possibility.

I am ecstatic to explore this part of Vietnam and I took a lot of pictures; so much so that it will crowd this post if I do. Please click on the links and it will take you to the specific post. 😀

Countryside Tour

City Tour

  • Crazy House
  • Old Dalat Train Station
  • Xuan Huong Lake
  • Night Market


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