Preview: Vietnam Redeux

Two years after our first visit to Vietnam, we’re going back and this time we won’t be crossing the border to Cambodia like we did last time. With Cebu Pacific’s direct flight to Siem Reap, travelers now are luckier as they don’t have to endure the 12-hour bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City.

Here’s the itinerary I prepared for this trip. And just like the earlier post on Ilocos, I will post photos  and as much tips and info as I can for each day of this trip  as reference for those who stumbled upon this personal-often-times-avenue-for-my-crazy-thoughts blog. 🙂

Day 0     Oct 22   Departure from Manila: 10:50PM

Day 1     Oct 23   ETA in Saigon: 12:20AM ::  Chinatown tour  ::  Saigon City Center tour or Vung Tau

Day 2     Oct 24   Saigon City Center tour ::  Departure for Dalat

Day 3     Oct 25   Dalat City Tour :: Night stroll

Day 4     Oct 26   Head back to Ho Chi Minh City :: Check-in. Shop. Stroll. Sightseeing

Day 5     Oct 27   Breakfast.  Checkout. Last minute shopping :: 10PM Head to the airport

Day 6     Oct 28   Red-eye flight back to Manila: 1AM :: ETA Manila: 4AM


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4 responses to “Preview: Vietnam Redeux

  1. Ivy

    Ayaw kong maexcite!! 😀

  2. Ang arte, talagang may preview pa talaga?

    Here’s hoping that the photos would have the author in it and not just what the author sees. hahaha 🙂


    • My reply is so delayed it could’ve been pregnant. hahaha. I really love that “Bonggayage”! Ikaw na’ng magaling! hehehe

      Nevertheless, aba’y siempre dapat merong preview. 😉 I will try my best to post photos not cropped from the neck down. hahaha

  3. *Waits in anticipation… 🙂

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