Over the Moon with Moon Safari

For the past months, there are only two albums that I listen from the first to the last track: Encounters with a Yeti’s Pilot and Moon Safari’s Lover’s End. These two are my constant travel companions and they managed to drive away the bad vibes of rush hour traffic every single time. While EWAY’s songs give you the liberty to paint their songs with lyrics that suits your mood because they’re instrumental, Moon Safari tells you a story that hits close to home.

My brother’s friend introduced him to Moon Safari’s music; then my brother shared it to me and I instantly fell in love with it hook, line and sinker. That Moon Safari is a progressive rock band from Sweden is another reason for my Swediction.  😀

Lover’s End is a concept album released in 2010 and the story that unfolds as the tracks stream to the next will get you glued until the very last strains of the last track.  I just love how Lover’s End Part 1 seamlessly segues to Kid Called Panic. Sheer perfection! The beautiful melody, shot-to-the-heart (or wrist-slash-inducing) lyrics and great vocals will take you to the story of a guy so in love with a girl who doesn’t feel the same. A guy in the crossroads of holding on and letting go; of moving on and staying put.

A warning, though. Should you decide delve into the lyrics, do not do it when you’re in that miserable place. You just might get death-by-lyrics. 😉

Lover’s End Part 1

“…What took years to build up takes a night to tear down, and this night will haunt me for the rest of my life…”

Kid Called Panic

“…You’ve changed your address, soon you’ll change your last name, how I wish I’d change at all…”

Crossed the Rubicon

“…I am not leaving for the lack of the believing, to follow the heart is the hardest part…”

Lover’s End Part 2

“…There will come a day when I won’t think about you; that will be a sad day, that will be a wonderful day…”

Recently, they released a new EP, Lover’s End Part 3 and just like it’s predecessor, it is 24 minutes of beautiful music and poignant lyrics (kind of makes me want to embrace the guy and comfort him). 😀

Lover’s End Part 3

“… Mary’s on the city square flashes her  engagement ring to anyone who cares…”



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6 responses to “Over the Moon with Moon Safari

  1. Ivy

    Ayos itong Moon Safari huh. Gusto ko yung Lover End 1 and 3. Yung 1, parang nakakapanghina.

    The Swedes really know how to rock talaga and they really have beautiful songs.

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  3. Justin

    Great review! I love this band so much.

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