Thoughts I Chose to Live By: A Birthday Post

No, I am not trying to be Daisy Duck. 😀

Celebrating my life anniversary is something that I chose to ignore at some point in the hopes that it will deter the aging process. Of course it didn’t.  Here I am decades older, I almost feel I have earned the right to be in a museum and sit beside dinosaur fossils.

Two years later since my post, could it be that I am really destined to be with an archeologist? Or worse, paleontologist? Well, only the lot of them gets fascinated in ancient stuff anyway. Could there be a single, cute, normal, funny archeologist, paleontologist or antique collector out there? Do feel free to stumble upon this blog and into my arms. Hahaha 😀

Here are some brain farts I thought I’d share that make life a tad happier, if not easier.

  1. Look at your pictures when you’re in that awkward age of not-a-kid-anymore-not-yet-a-teen and you’ll be so darn happy you’re miles away from that age already.
  2. Age has immense powers to make anyone miserable. Life is way too short to be bothered by something that is inevitable. For as long as people who guess your age miss by almost a decade, you have every reason to be happy.
  3. Everyone will grow old. As they say, unahan lang yan. It is how you choose to grow old that matters. You can cling on to youth for as long as you want but when your friends and family can hardly distinguish whether you’re in a bad mood or twistedly happy, please, go easy on the botox. Age gracefully.
  4. Dress well. Dress your age. Dress for the right occasion. Dress not to please others but yourself. Do update yourself by reading new trends but don’t look as though you came straight out of a fashion magazine.
  5. Thirties is the new twenties. Celebrate! For the singles, go out; date; flirt maybe; do pogi-spotting while sipping coffee or cocktail 😉 For the taken, you know what to do…
  6. Love the person you chose. Panindigan mo yan. True love makes anyone the handsomest, prettiest, nicest and all the positive superlatives you can think of.
  7. Be careful though, love in its novel stage can put smoke in your eyes that you can barely see the real deal. So ask around. Listen to what is spoken to you but listen twice as hard to the unspoken. Read between the lines.
  8. Jealousy in little doses give that kilig feeling because you feel pretty and wanted. But too much of it makes me blurt out “Kung makaselos naman parang ang tisay-tisay ko! Pwede bah?!” 😀
  9. Never get swayed with words so sweet it feels like maple syrup is dripping off his mouth. Be smart to know the difference between a put-on and genuine words of love.
  10. Drink and be merry. Drink with siblings, friends, relatives, your love one. Drink with crush, perhaps? Well at least, if something does happen in your tipsy state, (Alcohol, how you make me smile!) you can pat yourself on the back and say, “Wooohhhhooo!”
  11. There is a fine line between revisiting those halcyon days with ex (or fling) and actually living in those memories that will forever remain as such. You cannot continue pining over that someone who obviously has other plans in mind and sadly, it does not include you.
  12. A man who truly likes or loves you will let you know he does, make an effort to stay and you will know it’s genuine. Facebook messages do not count nor do alcohol-laced compliments.
  13. Sometimes you just have to take that chance. Ask that question. Then brace yourself for the answer. It may be the answer you’ve been waiting to hear or it could be the one you’re dreading. Either way, you knew; much better than not knowing what would have been the reply, right?
  14. Stay positive that there is that person who you will admire you and not feel threatened when you’re at your best; and not judge you when you’re at your  worst.

Ever since I heard this again in 2010, I can’t shake it off and I knew this will be my birthday anthem in the next years, until I find a new one 😀



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4 responses to “Thoughts I Chose to Live By: A Birthday Post

  1. Ivy

    The picture really reminds me of Jonah. Hawig mo sha talaga dito. 😀

    Nakakatuwa yung mga sinulat mo. I should really take note of all these for my next anniversary. 😀

    Happy Birthday uli.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday!

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