Mindless Late Night Wanderings

A post inspired by The Morning Rush Top 10 Answers to the question, “Bakit di mo ko kayang mahalin?” (Why can’t you love me?).  Instead of sending them over, I thought to just post my answers here 🙂

Because I can’t stand the nearness of you.

There are people who you love being physically close to. You love their skin grazing yours as you walk side by side or as you watch a movie. And then there are people who you just don’t like the feel of their touch. At all.

Because I cannot for the life me think of you kissing me.

The mere thought of it happening almost makes you so sick and the unfinished image in your head actually makes you go “ewwwww”. And then you start rummaging furiously through your phone or your pc for a photo of your crush and then you stare dreamy-eyed and start imagining what would it be like if your lips finally meet. Sweet heaven.

Love has a physical aspect and there has to be something that draws you to that person. I am not saying, he/she has to be celebrity-gorgeous. A smile, maybe. Because you can imagine how those smiling lips actually kiss. Nice hands? You imagine how those hands will feel when he cups your face and kisses you.

Ang tanong, “Nagsabi ka ba?”

Did you ever opened your mouth and actually said you do when you are your normal self and without the aid of alcohol?

As the song goes, “Shoulda. Woulda. Coulda”… Didn’t

This is one of the entries. Because it just ain’t gonna fly in spite of every good intention you may have. It’s just not gonna happen.

Because me being single doesn’t guarantee you a ‘Yes’.

Men have the impression that just because a girl is single, she will pounce on the idea of hooking up with any guy who professes undying love and devotion. Well, you’re in luck if she’s the type who gets swayed with lavish attention or you came at a time when you seem to be the lesser evil; between being alone and being at least with someone.



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4 responses to “Mindless Late Night Wanderings

  1. Ivy

    Ramdam na ramdam ko ang sagot mo sa first 2 questions.. With feelings pa and nakakunot pa ang mukha and arm movements. 😀

  2. fourkaster


    why do i have this feeling that this article pertains to one-who-shld-not-be-named???? =P

    and the last part, this is the same reasoning that this creature was trying to emphasize..

    overall, hmm #maypinaghuhugutan ata itetchiwa.. 😉

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