As We Drown In Margarita

Reunited after almost a decade.

Almost a decade of continental separation, I got to hug my best friend at last.

It was probably one of the most surreal things that happened last August.

There’s ten of us but only four made it to Agave for The Meetup. It was a rather tight schedule as she’s leaving at dawn two days later. As few as we were, we pushed through with it.

When old friends meet, it’s bound to get really FUN!

And was it FUN! The simultaneous “Janeth!!!!” and “Weng!!!!” as we hugged each other would have triggered the zombie apocalypse then. That pretty much jumpstarted a slew of conversation ranging from the how-have-you-been; to remember-that-time-when; to the greenest conversation. And no, the environment has nothing to do with it. 😉

The things girls talk about on those girls’ night outs will make any man wish to be a fly on the wall. It’s funny that on girls’ night outs, the girls talk like men. And with the perfect mix of married and singles in the group, it’s bound to be one helluva convo.

The culprit for our wickedly funny conversation. Cheers!

So just imagine how the conversation progressed when dear best friend requested that our way-too-lame-for-her-taste margarita be added with a more generous dose of tequila. Our overzealous conversation on the “chlorophyll-ridden” stuff actually drove the couple seated two tables from us to the al fresco part of the resto. 😀

I was thinking, maybe they were still in the courtship stage and we’re making things difficult for the guy to make wholesome conversation with girl without stripping off her clothes in his mind. Hahaha!

As the song goes, ♫♪♫♪ “blame it on the a.a.a.a.a.alcohol…”♫♪♫♪ (I know someone who digs this song… 😉 )

Cheers to a fabulous, fun Friday! 


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