The Blue Moon A Week Later

The blue moon never showed itself last August 31; well at least from the hospital window. But it was raining that day in this part of the globe so anyone who had a glimpse or shot of it was lucky since the next will be in 2015.

I never thought I’d see a piece of it tonight.

There are some things that has a beauty of its own despite its state of incompleteness.

Like a matchstick has to abrade itself on a rough surface to start a flame;  a candle that has to shed itself to give off light on a dark night; an eraser that has to lose its form to delete mistakes that we make.

Or like a heart that survived love and life battles; like ourselves as we gave it to people we love or thought we love.

The beauty of incompleteness is the thought that something has given part of itself to fulfill its purpose.

That even in that state of incompleteness you don’t lose yourself entirely because giving your time and love to people you care for give you back moments to cherish and life lessons for people who turned out to be unworthy of it.

It should never feel like a perpetual state of incompleteness but merely a phase to go through until you come full circle and be whole again.



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21 responses to “The Blue Moon A Week Later

  1. Ivy

    Did you make a wish when you saw part of it? You should since you won’t see it uli after 3 yrs.:D

    Nice write up by the way. 😉

  2. Great post! Short but straight from the heart!

    *In Bryan Adams’ husky voice:

    “Oh give it to me straight from the heart
    Tell me we can make another start
    You know I’ll never go, as long as I know
    It’s comin’ straight from the heart”

    What is it w/ me today, singing in husky voices 😛

  3. very well said! bravo!

    #walangpinaghuhugutan??? =P

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