A Fun and Better Way of Donating Pre-Loved Stuff

Thank God this wreakin’ havoc habagat finally got tired at last. After taking a rest from cleaning the house due to the leaks from the kitchen ceiling, I attacked my closet for some clothes that I can give to those who need it more.

As I was sorting out my tops and bottoms; my niblings  toys, clothes and shoes, an idea came up. A very kikay idea. Mix and Match! 😉

Make donating clothes fun. Mix and match them. This will save the volunteers a lot of time sorting through stuff. 😀

When I started mixing and matching… I can’t stop!

A summery ensemble on a rainy day 😀

I paired this cute top with a dark gray miniskirt… 😀

Colorful tops and shorts that I was thinking of keeping for myself but thought better of it. I hope the girl who gets it will love it 😀

When you’re done, put each ensemble in individual packaging and label each; I labeled them: Complete set of clothes

Collected infant stuff that my niblings have outgrew.

These two kept on going to my room to drop off their toys and clothes that their mom hand over to them.

Here’s to hoping these toys will bring a smile to a kid who gets it 😀

While these two cuties are far away, it’s like they gave their toys and clothes too since they left some stuff here during their vacation. (Photo courtesy of Mira)

I felt nostalgic when I saw this shirt from high school 🙂 One more tip, if you can indicate the shirt size, I’m sure this will be loads of help to the volunteers. 😉

Not even the intense monsoon rains can dampen the Pinoy spirit. We smile. We send love to other people in whatever way we can.

After hours of mixing and matching and labeling, we’re good to go! \m/_(^_^)_\m/

So my nephew took a picture of my shirt. We should really save Earth! 😀

From the Twitter account @MarikinaPIO: Marikina Hotline 682-9573;for any DONATIONS whether in kind or in cash may be delivered to Marikina Sports Center.

You can also drop off your donations at the Marikina Rotary Youth Club in front of the Marikina Sports Center.



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2 responses to “A Fun and Better Way of Donating Pre-Loved Stuff

  1. Ivy

    Ang kikay…. Swerte makakakuha ng clothes and toys Complete set na ang clothes.I nominate you to be the stylist of those in the evacuation center. Hehe!

    Love your Save Earth shirt too

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