Funny Shorts

I hardly delete emails from friends; even those forwarded ones; especially if it’s from those people who sends my heart fluttering at the mere sight of their name on my inbox. ❤

Anyway as I was scavenging through close to 3000 emails, I found this rather old one with the funny acronyms and some more that I found while scavenging the web and even more as I was scavenging my brain.

So this may yet be a series of sorts again just to organize them (because I’m an OC that way 😛 ). Let’s start with the countries, yo!  \m/_(^0^)_\m/



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8 responses to “Funny Shorts

  1. Eto na yung fruits of your labor. hahaha at may visual aid pa ah! A+ for effort! hahaha 🙂 yung Abu Dhabi, pilit yung huli at as usual, mukhang may pinaghuhugutan 🙂

  2. Ivy Chua

    Wow! Inspire ka sa Mozambique? Mukhang may pinaghuhugutan . Hehe! 😉

    Classic yung mga Countries in brown. All time fave ang Philippines and Yemen. Haha.:D

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  4. Ivy

    Oh yeah that’s cute, Simple but sweet.. 🙂 India is nice too. Makakarelate ka diyan. 😉

    I like China too, straight to the point. 😉

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