One Cup of Resilience Over a Platter of Kindness and Laughter, Please.

I hate hospitals maybe because as kids all three of us are notoriously sick, especially my sister. Among us, my sister maybe the most resilient given that she is the most sickly and survived it and now has a beautiful family with two gorgeous boys (ok, fine, let’s include her husband πŸ˜› ).

Then my brother came along as a menopausal baby; kind of taking the crown from my sister as The Most Resilient as my mother didn’t know she was pregnant that time and would work incessantly around our salon and house. Dear brother clung like anything and shocked us all when he came along five years after I was born.

So that leaves me, the middle child with no “special powers” at all. I weighed in at 7.11 pounds making me the chubbiest of us all, if that counts for something. πŸ™‚

Both my parents, especially my mother prove to be source of our resiliency given the many trials our family went through before we finally got our lucky break. When we all finished school and started working.

And now our resiliency is once more put to the test; seven months after enjoying the news that my father is out of harm’s way.

What comes with this test are realizations that get us through this difficult time.

  • That a one-minute phone call from that one very dear person is enough to give you strength to cope knowing that someone got your back covered.
  • That though the Philippines and China are at odds over Scarborough Shoal, two people infused with Chinese blood never fail to make me feelΒ panatag in their own way.

To the man responsible for stewing posts at So What’s News, thank you for being so nice to a relative stranger; I am almost sure he’s trying to kill me with kindness. πŸ˜€ I haven’t met him and yet he’s more of a friend than those who claim to be friends with me.

To Ivy, who I’ve known for years and just about the friend who keeps reminding you of their presence via texts, tweets and comments.Β Makulit talaga. But she is one of the truest friends I’ve got.

  • It is during this time that the depth or shallowness of relationships or character is gauged. My heart swells with gratefulness over likes, comments and text messages that I receive from relatives and friends, especially those that I least expect from.
  • That one cannot simply rely on science and drugs for your love one to heal. I still believe that we can turn to The One to help us. It is faith.

Seeing my father with the IV meds and tube on his side make me wish that it be me instead lying on that bed and spare him the pain because I know I’m a lot stronger than he is right now. Then again I know that it will pain them even more to see any of their children lying on that bed.

Because we are a resilient lot, we still manage to share some laughs courtesy of my very quotable mother and crazy brother. Seeing my father crack into the faintest smile or show his annoyance (which I actually think is concealed bemusement) over my mother’s constant nagging that he eat more and finish his milk, feel like we’re just at home and not confined within the four walls that has been our second home for the last five days.



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11 responses to “One Cup of Resilience Over a Platter of Kindness and Laughter, Please.

  1. Stay resilient as you are during these tough times. As you mentioned, continue to ask PapaG for strength for the improvement of your dad’s health & recovery. Have faith indeed. πŸ™‚

    Your family’s resilience is the best “health card” for your dad.

    (I was gonna add the word PERIOD at the end of the above sentence sana for added emphasis. But you get the point πŸ™‚ )

    Now, would you like that cup of resilience caf or decaf? low fat or non-fat?

  2. Ivy

    Natouch naman ako dito at the same time natawa din sa kwento mo.
    7.11 pounds, naku chubby na? Paano pa ako? 9 lbs ata ako. Hehe!

    It’s nice to know that you still manage to laugh inspite of all this at ang kulit pa talaga ni mother huh. Taka pa kayo kung kanino kayo nagmana. At least napapasmile niyo si dad and that helps sometimes.

    Thanks for the special mention. Glad to be there for you and to be your true friend. Kahit makulit. Hehe! Rare commodity ito. πŸ˜‰

    • Naman, eh 6 lbs. lang sila noh; so that makes me ginormous already πŸ˜€

      I do appreciate your friendship. Makulit ka lang naman din talaga. hahaha πŸ˜€

      Thanks for sticking with me through everything!

      • Ivy Chua

        Kung ikaw Ginormous, ano na ako? Waah!

        Sure! Thanks for sticking with me too inspite of my kakulitan. Akalain mong may kakulitan pala ako. Haha! πŸ˜€

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