Paradigm Shift

There are times when our perspective change only because it makes things normal; it makes things look so much better at a certain vantage point.

I never thought I’d wish to be on the receiving end of my father’s sarcastic remarks if only it means he’s strong enough to dish it out. Those in science may disagree that sarcasm is not hereditary but us three siblings are living proofs that this is indeed hereditary.

We get spanked as kids because we can be quite a challenge to their sanity back then. And right now, I can only wish that my father can wield that belt if only it means he has the strength to do it.

I would love for my father to scold me for having a sharp tongue when I’m peeved at something or someone if only it means he has the strength to keep up with my rantings. Often times, he just smiles and occasionally laughs because he knows I hardly mean what I say when I’m boiling mad. Either that or he just doesn’t have the strength to argue with me and my reasoning.

That I can only be thankful that we have some resources to admit him to the hospital when others don’t even have enough for a mere checkup. There goes my paycheck. But still, I’m thankful because I have something to spend when others can’t even buy a generic drug for their sick family member.

It really is difficult to keep it in when all I wanted to do is let it out. Because these nurses keep checking up on his IV meds and at the risk of looking like an overreacting loony, I just rub my ‘tired eyes’ and pretend that my eyes are tearing because I’m staring and incessantly typing on my red netbook.

Here’s to hoping that my dad get all these fluid off his other lung and so that when he’s asked how he is, he can say, “I’m ok. Parang wala lung nangyari.” 😛

Thank you,

Stephen Covey (October 24, 1932 – July 16, 2012)





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5 responses to “Paradigm Shift

  1. Praying for the best for your dad tomorrow. Stay strong and God bless Weng. Kaya yan ng ng Dad mo, wala lung yan. KumBAGA kagat lang ng langgam yan 🙂

  2. Fell for it, hook, line and sinker 🙂

  3. Ivy

    Hoping and praying that your dad will get better.
    Kaya yan.

    My mom used to have fluids in her lungs too when she was really sick with lupus. And nalagpasan niya. She’s fine now. So kaya yan.

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