Pardon My Poor Comprehension

Sometimes even while malling, commuting  or sitting by the window of a coffee shop,  you will see something that will make you go, “Whuuutt?!” I’ve seen some and I’ve forgotten some but here are some things that I’ll probably never understand. Maybe because I find them obtuse? Or maybe I just don’t think like most?

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Is carrying a girl’s purse the foremost expression of a guy’s enduring love and devotion?

Because I sincerely do not understand why she is able to carry that nifty cutesy little purse when the guy’s not around and all of a sudden becomes an invalid that renders her hand, arm and shoulder useless when she is with him.

It. Is. Not. Sweet. At. All. Unless you take pleasure in making him look ridiculous in public.

Dear women with significant others, not only do your men look absurd when they carry your hot pink little purses, you do too. Believe me, when these boys become your husbands, you’ll be carrying a sack of rice on one shoulder and your kid on the other and he won’t notice unless you holler at him to help you. Yes, that’s exaggerating. And no, I’m not jaded. 😉

Remember, they have the tendency to be the most docile, sweetest creatures when they want something and too phlegmatic you start to think if aliens have actually taken a hefty part of their being and left you to deal with their useless earthly bodies.

What is so romantic about a bouquet of roses dying on you days later?

And all you have left are dried up twigs, leaves and petals and whole bouquet of mess. Well the ribbons and wrappers are recycable so that makes it a tad useful.

An utter waste of hard-earned money, really. Unless you have money at your disposal, then by all means. But won’t the girl appreciate something that will not wilt on her? Oh please! You can do better than a stuffed toy. (See? My thoughts are entirely clean 😉 ) Maybe because I’m a practical person  and I’d rather it be spent on something useful like for instance, a hobby. A 35mm prime lens, perhaps? (I am not picky! Promise! I don’t mind a good second-hand! 😀 )

Why wear a short skirt only to keep tugging it down?

Why is it that women taking the public transpo will wear miniskirts then keep on tugging it down? Dear, the more you tug it down, the more you are attracting attention to yourself. Unless of course that’s what you’re gunning for.

Mantra: Look all you want but touch me not (Noli Mi Tangere, ring a bell?). Once you get touched, aim to slap (but punching and kicking are what I like best, though 😛 ).

So here’s a tip. When you’re wearing those sexy skirts, carry a big, fashionable bag; that way, it can cover your legs when you’re seated in the jeep, fx or bus. But if you take pleasure in seeing men drool over you, disregard this tip by all means.

What is up with people (worse, couples) talking to each other but have earphones on?

I actually saw a couple talking to each other with their earphones on and I’m like, “Why even bother when clearly they’re both absorbed in their own little worlds?” Because even as I am seated right across them, I can hear music blasting from the girl’s earphones and the guy was busy playing on his smartphone.

I mean if you like your time alone, that’s pretty understandable because every one needs some me time every so often. But to be with me yet not with me, what is the point?

It’s plain decency to take off your earphones when you’re with someone; regardless if you’re just together or talking. In this digital age of social networks and smartphones, people seem to have conveniently disregarded or completely  forgotten what social graces are.



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5 responses to “Pardon My Poor Comprehension

  1. Ivy Chua

    Giggling here while reading this. Maldita mode huh!

    I don’t understand the point either for number 1, rarely do number 3 coz you know why and I don’t get number 4 point either. Baka may special abilities ang brain nila for talking while listening to music that we don’t have. 😀

    Mukhang may pinaghuhugutan sa point number 2. Haha! 😉

  2. Ivy

    Haha! Natuwa lang masyado sa post mo kaya punto por punto ang peg.

    Walang pinaghuhugutan sa #2. Sha sige , calling the future one, this is how you should impress my friend. 😉

  3. actually may somekindadeepdown-reasoning dun sa first item of order. a guy holding a girl’s purse means that he can use her money anytime, anywhere (or as long as they’re with each other). plus, he can make-utos the girl to buy food for her in the counter since he’s holding the pars. =P

    seriously, one word: henpecked. =)

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