What Showbiz Taught Me

:: That there is always somewhere to go even when you feel like there’s none. Hero Angeles found his refuge in Walang Tulugan; thanks to Kuya Germs. Please don’t crucify when I say I don’t know if he’s still there. 

:: That the besugo-look is a testament of one’s ginormous wealth. Cristina Decena (I’ll be damned! She is the wife of Ariel Villasanta?!) , Philip Salvador’s ex, is the living proof that what comes with wealth is one serious trout-pout 😉

:: That being married to the likes of Manny Pacquiao is a sure way to be rid of looking like your twin. For life. I’m pretty sure Jinkee’s parents now have an easy breezy time telling one from the other.

:: That you simply have to have guts and sing. Loud and proud (and off-key). Take Anne Curtis. She’s a self-confessed non-singer but she has an album, did a concert, did a tour of sorts and now, she’s singing on every endorsement that will let her, both on tv and radio.

:: That being as tall as Eddie Gutierrez can be a serious liability especially if all you wanted to do is to hide under one of  the tables at The Heritage Park’s dining area during Mang Dolphy‘s wake.

:: Lastly, that no designer wardrobe and accessories can cover for an outrageously trashy behavior. I’m sure you don’t need a name for this one. She makes me so proud that I have a mother who in spite of not finishing school and does not dress in expensive clothes has manners that will not shame us like this woman does her family.



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5 responses to “What Showbiz Taught Me

  1. Great observations! 🙂 Everytime I see Dacena’s commercial being shown on tv, I quickly switch channels. It’s that bad 🙂

    May isa pa nga eh, si Ellen, who ironically, is a walking billboard for her own skin care service. 🙂

    • That trout pout is seriously distracting; disturbing even 😀 Now that you’ve mentioned Ellen, could she have done that (mis)enhancement (whatta word! LOL)?

      I’m sure Ellen can do an x-deal with her would-be endorsers so she can ‘focus’ on her business. In short, ipaubaya naman na. Please! 😀

  2. Ivy

    LOL at the besugo look and Anne Curtis’s singing career. Napansin mo din pala yun kay Anne. 😀

    And wala na ata si Hero Angeles sa Walang Tulugan. Parang di ko na nga siya nakikita sa 7 mismo. .I think I saw him one time sa Showbiz Inside Report teary-eyed so something must went wrong.

    • She gets away with her sometimes OA & often off-key self because she endeared herself to the people. A couple of people I know did say she’s genuinely nice, so pabayaan na natin siya sa kaligayahan niya. haha

      This Hero is so “Lemony Snicket”; he’s a series of unfortunate events.

  3. Ivy

    Yeah, I’ve heard a lot na Anne is actually nice. So she must be. Buti na lang mabait siya. 😀

    And about Hero, grabe talaga kamalasan nyon. Di na sinwerte ever since pinakawalan ng Dos.

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