Several Shades of Redundancy

I tried giving this Fifty Shades trilogy a chance to redeem itself in Book 2 and I regretted giving it a go at page 11.Why on earth was this a bestseller?

The prologue seems promising enough but by page 11, I was thankful I didn’t have the physical book with me or those nifty Kindles and iPads. I would have seriously hurled it out of sheer frustration. I have never read a book as ridiculously redundant as this one. The initial email exchange alone was enough to “make me roll my eyes” to the highest heavens and then I accurately guessed that “‘stop biting your lip, Anastacia” will make a reappearance in this second installment; it was only a matter of sentence variations and on what pages will they appear and keep reappearing.

Given that this is a trilogy, consider me more than 50 shades disappointed because I just expected more from a bestseller. While I understand that it takes an amount of talent and courage to pen your thoughts, get it published and put it out there for the wolves to devour and rip into shreds, it’s beyond comprehension why it reached the bestseller status. I’m sure there are a lot more  talented writers out there who can do justice to a bestseller.

As Amazon suggested, if you can’t get enough of the erotica genre, maybe you want to check out A. N. Roquelaure’s Beauty trilogy. That is Anne Rice’s pen name for books she wrote under this genre. Now this looks promising. I may hunt these down just to negate the vibes of this rather pale bestseller. 😉

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  1. Ivy

    Good thing you don’t have the IPADs or Kindles with you. Baka masira mo yun while reading the book.

    These A. N. Roquelaure’s Beauty trilogy looks intriguing though.

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