(July 25, 1928 – July 10, 2012)

Dolphy was very much a part of my childhood. At the height of his fame, was one of the hardest times in our family’s life. Money was hard and we barely get by. But we set aside our problems for an hour every week and just sit down and gather round our small tv set and watch John en Marsha. I have a vague recollection of the episodes but I remember the scene where our family sat huddled in the sala and laugh every time John Puruntong is antagonized by his mother-in-law Doña Delilah and the equally annoyingly funny character of Matutina.

His flair for comedy is just as brilliant as his talent for drama. I remember most of us were tearing up when we caught the movie Ang Tatay Kong Nanay on cable a few months back one Sunday afternoon. It was my favorite movie. And then there’s Facifica Falayfay, among other films that I can barely recall. And if there was something that made me sad, he wasn’t able to make another movie that made the same impact as Markova. Nevertheless, he’s a treasure who will be missed and as he said in one of his recent specials, all we have to do is hit the ‘play’ button and we’ll see him again.



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3 responses to “Dolphy

  1. Ivy

    I can still remember the John en Marsha days. RPN 9 pa ba ata yun? Hehe

    It’s really sad that one of the great pinoy comedians is gone. I was still hoping na meron pa siyang last movie before he retires for good.

    He’ll be really missed. Wherever he is, am sure he’ll continue to make people laugh up there. 🙂

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