A Paler Shade of Grey

A tad paler than I expected 😦

Social networks were abuzz when this came to bookstores and it’s almost a given that #50ShadesOfGrey was trending worldwide.

I got interested and as I was hunting down for this elusive yeti of an album, I was hunting for a copy of the book as well since people kept saying it’s unputdownable, like there’s such a word. 😀 Sadly, they’ve run out of copies.

I decided to start reading the PDF version sent by an equally intrigued friend, and I felt so relieved I didn’t buy the book.

It felt like it was a glorified, bestseller version of Mills & Boon or those books whose covers are those with guys in the act of ravishing the mouth of a woman whose ample bosom look so constrained it wants to pop out of the neckline.

See? I went through a phase reading this genre. And leafing through Fifty Shades of Grey is no different (apart from it being better written than some).

Which leaves me to wonder why it ever came to be a bestseller. Don’t mistake this as ‘book hate’; it’s more like a confusion why there’s much ado about it.

Rich, young, handsome business magnate gets attracted to a girl who’s clearly as opposite in stature as he is. Finds her a virgin at 21. Was this seriously set in Seattle, Washington?! It would be more believable if it is in Seattle, Cubao Quezon City. Just saying.

With that overly-used-and-abused premise and the graphic blow by blow (pardon the pun) account of their encounter, I still see nothing special about it. I’ve read Johanna Lindsey, Bertrice Small, Harold Robbins even, and they write about those juicy (pun is seriously unavoidable, I guess) rendezvous with such flair that you can actually envision it in your literary-revved up head.

Maybe because this book bravely touched on S & M? I’m not sure either. The whole if-you-trust-me-you-will-want-to-be-subjected-to-my-whims can forever remain theoretical to me and I won’t care.  At all. I understand give and take but the whole S & M is certainly beyond me.

From an entertaining perspective, it’s worth a digital read; it will actually make you smile and feel kilig. Even gooey and mushy inside (these puns come out like they have a life of their own… seriously) at certain points of the book. So if you wish for a literary escape from reality, this is a fun read.

But if you’re the type who reads book for purposes other than entertainment, prepare to be disappointed, disturbed even.

I’m no book critic. I just read books and this is my perspective. Please don’t burn me at the stake. 😉


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6 responses to “A Paler Shade of Grey

  1. Ivy

    Lagot ka! Baka biglang may magreact ng bongga dito.:P

    Actually may sawa factor ang books. Ang bilis ko sa first book. I slowed down sa 2nd book. I am stuck at a chapter sa 3rd book.

    Though may difference naman sha sa M&B. Their cover is deceiving. Alang woman whose bosom is about to pop out. 😉

    Parang Magnum lang yan, pinahype sobra ng iba but ala talaga story if you compare it to great authors. I wouldn’t know about the books if a friend had not told me either na bestseller daw.

  2. That was a great pun-filled (even if at times, unintentional) post! 🙂

    Maybe the book was not juicy, mushy & gooey enough for you? hahaha 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

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