The Day When Pimples Won Over Chicken Pox

Of all the years to have the dreaded chicken pox, I had it on the year that I will enter college. That is considered ‘old’ already and I was so scared to be scarred for life. The day that dreaded disease went full blown, I really cried.  I was lucky not to have much on my face; well because the pimples have already beaten them to that prime spot. Ugh! My adolescence is just about the crappiest years of my life. The only good thing going on for me then was my weight.

I felt manic already because I would constantly check on my arms and legs, but I’m ever more concerned with my legs. Because adolescence means shorts and skirts (way past this stage but I still love ❤ them).  In my juvenile head, it felt that doomsday came way too early.

When I finally got ‘better’, I felt worst. The scars were so hideous I knew then that I had to bid my shorts and skirts adieu. I did for more than a year that my legs were several shades lighter than my face and arms. It looked like I’ve lain on the beach one sunny day in glorious jeans.

If there is one thing I’ve learned, this cheap, old school ointment that my parents and nosey neighbors recommended to banish all worries and scars, it doesn’t work! I used up two jars of this stinky stuff and nothing happened. It smells like they rounded up sweaty, hunky people off the streets, took out their essence and made it into an ointment of sorts and called it (quite appropriately) cebo de macho. Mygawd! It really doesn’t work. For me at least.

We live in this judgmental world, that only those with flawless legs can actually wear shorts and miniskirts lest you get looks from girls that say, “Ganon?! Hindi uso ang kape? Walang nerbiyos mag mini skirt?. Kalurks!” And then there are guys  with the look that says, “Dim the lights… here we go.” Translated as “Patayin lang ilaw, pwede na yan!” or “Sa dilim, talo-talo na yan! Pamatid-gutom din yan.” 😀

So if you’re having the ‘scarry’ predicament, try spot treatment using a trusted whitening lotion, let it dry then put another round of spot treatment using Bioderm ointment. It’s so cheap and it works. Do it twice a day. Be patient. You’ll soon be wearing those skirts and shorts to your heart’s content. But please practice discernment. And by that I mean, wear the proper length to the proper place. Don’t wear those shorts that will make you look like you got lost in the mall on your way to the beach. It’s not sexy. It’s trashy. And those are words of kikay wisdom on a dreary Friday. {^_^}



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13 responses to “The Day When Pimples Won Over Chicken Pox

  1. It seems that you were indeed “scarred” from that event in your life. It’s evident from the vivid memory that you’ve written here. hahaha

    And pwde ka nang magbranch-out into a fashion blog.
    Teach them how to “Mickey”

    And yes, I’m holding myself back from saying anything about “cebo de macho”. A pun filled imagery of a phrase.

    Hahaha 🙂

    • Talagang iniyakan ko ang chicken pox di bah! 😛 at dahil sa kaka-refer mo sa pimples, pati post ko nahawa. hahaha

      Kasi naman, that cebo de macho has been around for ages when it doesn’t even work. Kawawa naman un bibili. 🙂 Funny that a wholesome ointment can actually provoke suggestive images in the brain. hahaha

  2. And to think we were tweeting about pimples just the other day. hahaha 🙂

    Oo nga eh, whoever thought of naming it like that, must’ve been dreaming or cray2x hahaha 🙂

    • I’m such a highly impressionable person. Pati posts ko affected. hahaha… I’m cray-cray (at buti na lang mas matanda pa saken ang ointment na toh!) but I don’t have a hand in that cebo de macho huh! **and then there’s that unintended pun again.** hahahaha

  3. I concede… Didn’t want it to be “competitive” hahaha 🙂

    PEACE 🙂

  4. Ivy

    Cebo de Macho din pala ginagamit mo. I used a lot that in my scar too sa right side ng face. Wala naman effect. I have to go to the doctor and have it restitch again when I was 18.

    And based on what you mentioned, parang katakot takot yung pinag-daanan mo when you had your chicken pox. Pero looking at you right now, I think walang maniniwala that you were scarred by chicken pox before. 🙂
    I have to take note of what you did. Ay, pwede ka na sa commercial ng Bioderm ointment and the whitening lotion that you used. 😉

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  6. Donnie Chisler

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