Monday Good Vibes

Monday for me is potentially the hardest day to jumpstart writing.  Or maybe Tuesday, because my blood has actually started flow enough to start working. But maybe it’s Wednesday, because all I can think of is that it will be Friday in two days. Or maybe it’s Thursday, because if it were not for this day, it’s already Friday. Then again on Friday,  I can’t do anything but fidget until I can clock out making my brain fuzzy with all the mental beers and vodka I’m hoping to drown hours later. Operative word: hoping. Because I only have the strength for a max of two. 😀

Because this post is absolutely going nowhere, I just thought to post photos that brings forth good vibes on an otherwise  bleak Monday. Pass on the GV! \(.^_^.)/

The soundtrack helped me through Monday. ♥ But every time the girl sings, it feels like Glee is on the big screen. But I would ♥ to watch it again!

Even The Happiest Bee chews on this 😀

I love my Minnie Mouse Monday look 😀

Because red shoes can liven up an otherwise bleak Monday and drive the BV away 😉

Banana is said to have the power to improve a person’s mood. Kinda did its work today!

My shashalized Ministop Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream for dessert. Yummy!



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5 responses to “Monday Good Vibes

  1. With an ensemble called “Minnie Mouse Monday”, no wonder your Monday is filled w/ GV. Keep a spare copy of that attire at hand in-case of a sudden BV attack! Parang Superman ang peg, ready to spread GV 🙂

  2. Ivy

    Was in a meeting and first saw this blog of yours.

    First of all, nice outfit. Ikaw na ang naka Minnie Mouse dress with your matching kikay red shoes.

    Secondly, may irritating factor nga yung girl sa Rock of Ages movie when she sings. Lalo na pag high pitch siya. LOL ! Though keri pa naman kasi magaganda yung mga kinakanta niya.

    I also can’t help but laugh at your first paragraph. Parang di ka mapakali o makuntento. And then may naalala akong song all of a sudden. It talks about Mondays to Fridays din. Remember The Cure’s – Friday , I’m In Love. Parang ganoon lang first paragraph mo huh.

    • Punto por punto lang ang peg! Akala ko tuloy may pinapa-review kang blog post. hahaha 😛

      I still love Rock of Ages pero sana a girl with a more maangas voice played Sherrie. If Kelly Clarkson acts I think she’ll give that role more justice.

      Basta Thursdays and Fridays, super luvvv… lalo na mga early hours ng Saturday. harharhar. wooohhhhooo! \m/

  3. Ivy

    Haha! Sorry naman kung por punto. 🙂

    Yeah I think ok kung si Kelly Clarkson. Medyo strong ang voice niya at hindi nakakairita. Maybe that’s why they put Vina Morales in the play.
    Diba ang “boses” ni Vina eh… a bit low, hoarse…. “PARANG” Kelly Clarkson din “DAW”. Lol 😀

    Early hours of Saturday? Like quarter after 1 am onwards? Hihihi!
    May naalala ka uli Neng? 😉

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