(Close) Encounters With A Yeti

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Over at lunch a few months back with my new teammates, the band Encounters With A Yeti (EWAY) came up amid the slew of conversations from across the table and endlessly waiting for our orders to be served.

PILOT is the first CD I bought in ages since I mostly just download. As I listen to it, it actually set the mood for writing this post.

It was only when I came across this article recently that I remember to check them out. And I wasn’t prepared for their kind of music. They sound amazing that colonial mentality almost immediately kicked in. Had I not known that they are Filipinos, I would have mistaken them for Swedish because they have that Nordic vibe going on. I don’t even know how to explain it. Basta.

They classify their music as acousmatic. Instrumental post-rock as some would say. I thought they were progressive rock. Whatever their genre is, I don’t think they are the type who want to be stereotyped and tied down to a particular genre.

As their music is a work of art on its own, each track is further represented by a different art piece.

Don’t take my word for it; listen to the tracks they posted on their Facebook or Myspace pages. I thought their music has that kind of sad note to it that it should be avoided when you’re in that hopeless place. 😉   It makes you want to stare into space and just get lost in your own little world. But the thing is, their music takes you to staggering highs and shattering lows. It’s just amazing.

I am happy for their underground fame as they get to do what they love minus the unnecessary pressures that come along with going mainstream. With bands like them, I get hopeful that our music industry has not deteriorated to a sorry pulp, courtesy of this particular novelty songwriter who just annoys the beejeezes out of me with his altered nursery rhyme that is called his ‘composition’. A serious insult to real songwriters who make really good songs and music pieces. (Inhale…. exhale! There…. much better 😀 )

I have yet to watch them live though. They have their regular gigs at Saguijo in Makati every third Saturday of the month and other gigs at Route 196 over at Katipunan. You can check out their sites for updates. Their album entitled Pilot is available at Fully Booked but I suggest you call first because there is an off chance of it being sold out already (like Greenbelt branch, unless they’ve re-stocked). These guys have a cult following, you see. 😀

By the way,  did I say that their bassist personally handed me over my copy? Well, he’s a fellow cube dweller, too. How cool is that? \m/(>_<)\m/

Encounters With A Yeti are:

Ponchie Buenavista, guitarist;  Ross Pleyto, bassist; Caloy Tiangco, drummer; Ariel Mesina, drummer; Niño Valmonte, guitarist; Ramon Rivera, guitarist; Des Lawas, keyboardist and Cocoy Silva, drummer.

Thanks to Ross for having my copy signed by everyone 😀


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10 responses to “(Close) Encounters With A Yeti

  1. Ivy

    Nice that you finally got a copy. I hope you can see them live though. They say iba daw ang experience if you see them live.

    And about that novelty songwriter that you’re talking about, grabe yun, nakakairita. Pare pareho na lang. I think lately ang katie up niya diyan eh si Kuya Willie. At may followers siya ha… biset .Is Manny Pacquaio singing his songs as well?

  2. Beautiful music, nice find. 🙂

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